Today’s generation is full of YouTubers and internet sensations. Jahannah James is a common name for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat user. Besides being an internet sensation, Jahannah James is also an actress known for Brotherhood, Belle, B****Craft, and 1066: Battle for Middle Earth. Her comedy videos on Facebook have earned her more than 950,000 followers and 104 K followers on Instagram.  But what about her love life? Is Jahannah James dating a boyfriend? Or, has Jahannah James married someone? Let’s reveal the fact and also be familiar with Jahannah James wiki information and Jahannah James net worth.

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Jahannah James Dating; Who is Jahannah James Boyfriend?

Many people often wonder about Jahannah James dating life. They always look forward to knowing Jahannah James boyfriend. But is Jahannah James dating? Who is Johannah James boyfriend? Let’s get started:

In regards to Jahannah James dating life, she has a romantic dating affair with her boyfriend, Goubran Bahou who is a Facebook star and a Vlogger. She has starred alongside her boyfriend, Goubran Bahou in a video entitled “Sleeping Next to Your Girlfriend,” which gained more than 181K views. The couple has starred in several videos together.

Though the couple has not talked much about their dating affair, they have been dating each other for a year. Jahannah James loves her boyfriend a lot and her longest affair has been with chocolates.

Caption: Jahannah James longest affair has been with chocolates than her boyfriend.

The couple seems to be much in love and there is a huge chance that they will turn their dating affair into the next level. Till then, they will enjoy dating each other and if further updates will available on their dating affair, we will update you on Jahannah James dating life!

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Jahannah James Married; Know Jahannah James Husband

If you are famous all over the world, it is common for the people to speculate about your married life. So, has Jahannah James married already? If then who is Jahannah James husband?

Well, Jahannah James married life has yet to come. Jahannah is an unmarried woman. She has no husband and children in her life. But is there someone who will most likely be Jahannah James husband in future?

Well, Goubran Bahou will most likely be Jahannah James husband in future. They are in love with each other as for now and has the same passion and career. So, there is a huge chance that they will get married to each other in the coming days. Looking at Johannah’s tweet, she and her boyfriend share a house and live together.

Caption: Jahannah James lives with her boyfriend, Goubran Bahou.

When will Jahannah James married life start? No one knows except the couple themselves. But she will marry a partner in future and that’s obvious. She might have a plan on having children with her husband as well. But as of 2017, she has not mentioned anything about getting pregnant and having children.

Thus, Jahannah James married life, Jahannah James husband, Jahannah James pregnant and Jahannah James children are all future talks.

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Jahannah James Net worth

As an actress and internet sensation, Jahannah James net worth must be remarkable. However, she has not revealed the exact figure of her net worth yet. As of 2017-2018, Jahannah James net worth is under review. If you have an interest in knowing Jahannah James net worth, then stay updated, we will soon update you with Jahannah James net worth.

Jahannah James Wiki-Bio

Born in the year 1989 in England, Jahannah James birthday is on the 30th of July. With the last birthday celebration, Jahannah James age is 28. Jahannah had a 90s party on her 28th birthday and shared the picture of her hair she made for the party on Instagram.

Caption: Jahannah James had a 90s party on her 28th birthday, 30 July 2017.

Jahannah James height is 5 feet 9 inch. In meters, Jahannah James height is 1.75 m.