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Jacoby Ellsbury Married Life Insight: Wife is Kelsey Hawkins and Has Daughter!

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If you are fan of Baseball game, you must have heard the name Jacoby Ellsbury as well. He is known being New York Yankees’ center fielder. In this column, we will be discussing about Jacoby Ellsbury married life insight and his career as well. He married Kelsey Hawkins long time ago and he is living married life happily.

Jacoby Ellsbury and Kelsey Hawkins: How Their Love Bloomed?

The love story of Jacoby and Kelsey is similar to what we see in movies. The couple met for the first time in the year 2005 at Oregon State University. Before meeting Kelsey, Jacoby didn’t believe in long love life, but now his perception towards such love changed.

Jacoby Ellsbury and Kelsey Hawkins

Jacoby’s mother also supported him when he was dating Kelsey. She made statements:

‘From very start, he was not interested in ladies. As he is too shy, he never been with girls for long time. The fact to say is, he was dating only a girl during his high school.’

Around one year after their meet up, their level of closeness grew and the duo stepped in the world called love. This very news was not disclosed to public until in the year 2009. When Kelsey was attending Red Sox Nation, people noticed diamond ring in her ring finger.

Jacoby Ellsbury Married Life with Kelsey Hawkins

The loving duo finally entered the world of two souls merging into one, say simply married life in the year 2012. The duo tied knot after enjoying six years of dating life. The wedding ceremony was held private, and only few friends and relatives were invited.

After a month, the news of them being married came to media. Here is the status of back then.

It’s not been long, but the duo already enjoyed four years of married life together. Although time of 365*4 days has passed, we have not heard single controversial news till date.

Do They Have Children?

Before marriage, the symbol of love might be gifts and all, but after marriage, the best symbol of love for couple is their children. Jacoby and Kelsey are blessed with one beautiful daughter. Hawkins is seen mostly with her daughter and she also updates social media with her daughter’s photo frequently.

Quick Bio: Jacoby Loves His Mom The Most!

Ellsburry is known being a good player, a good husband, a good father and also a good son. As per the source, when he was selected for NBL, he gifted a house to his mom. Also, he paid off all the debts and other issues.

He married daughter of president of Pendleton Rodeo and Round-Up. As he is paid highly per game, he is listed in top paid players. His net worth counts around $21.2 million.

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