YouTube deserves a big thank – it has brought many hidden talents to the fore and fortune who would have remained behind the popular media screen otherwise. Jack Maynard is also one of those lucky artists who became able to reach millions of subscribers and viewers and has already accumulated a good amount of net worth only at the age of 22 through the platform of YouTube and digital media.

His career in the digital television brought him to the reality TV shows like ‘I’m Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’ which could not raise his height though.

In this short Jack Maynard wiki bio, let’s not open the chapters of his career book and YouTube vlogs. Let’s rather delve into his more personal love life which is full of many girlfriends, inconsistent dating affairs, and a prospective married life, wife, and family along with his net worth 2017.

Jack Maynard Dating: Showered With Girlfriends And What About The Wedding Knots?

At the age of 22, Jack Maynard girlfriends list excels many others most probably. Oh, no. It may be wrong to underestimate other people’s dating ability though! Jack Maynard is equally popular with his girlfriends as he is with his subscribers and followers. Keeping a relationship with one and then moving forward to another is not a big deal for him, can be claimed this way.

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But, are the girls who appear with him really his girlfriends? How could you be so swift and so unstable in a relationship? Or, can we call his type an open relationship, not limited to one single person! Jack Maynard’s choice!

Caption: Jack Maynard girlfriend list does not include this lady. Will she appear there soon?

After having dating affair with many girlfriends, he says he is single! Who were the girlfriends he was dating? Here is the count. In 2014, Jack Maynard reportedly had a short affair with a lady whose name is Erika. The dating affair never reached a married relationship because it ended just in a few months.

The Jack Maynard girlfriend list invites two of his fellow YouTubers in a sequence after the happy break up for Jack. First, he got Pernille Burn on YouTube who accepted his dating invitation in 2015 and soon he moved on to find Lydia Connell in 2016 joining their heads to show for the camera shots. Soon they collaborated in their YouTube projects to entertain their subscribers. Their fans even coined their name as ‘Jydia’ appreciating their chemistry.

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This is not the ‘The End’ of the list. Here comes Alexa Losey rumored to have flirty relationships together with Jack Maynard. The Jack Maynard girlfriend list would be blessed for him if he could make actress Jennifer Lawrence his next partner. He tweets for her:

Had a Jennifer Lawrence sesh on YouTube & omg she’s just so pretty and cute and be my girlfriend and funny and humble and be my girlfriend.

In his recent social media accounts, Jack Maynard does not open who the recent lucky Jack Maynard girlfriend is. He must have chosen to choose to be choosy if he hasn’t chosen his new chosen girlfriend.

Caption: Neither Jack Maynard himself nor his followers confirm the lady to be his new chosen girlfriend.

Jack Maynard Plans For A Married Life And Living With Wife And Family

It may or may not be wrong to assume that Jack Maynard is not interested to tie the knot and live a family life immediately. He is happy having fun with almost half a dozen girlfriends and no worries if any of the girlfriends leaves him. If one girlfriend takes a different path, he catches the hand of a new girlfriend. When there is nobody special to go dating with him as a Jack Maynard girlfriend, he has a solution for that also: A night party girlfriend:

Caption: Jack Maynard girlfriend is sometimes a very temporary casual partner at the night party. Cheers!

Jack Maynard Net Worth

Jack Maynard is fortunate to have made a growing net worth of half a million as of 2017 even at the young age of 22. In addition to his personal vlogs, he works overtime at night to add to his net worth.

However, he has not shared the information about his net worth among his fans.

Jack Maynard Wiki Facts

YouTuber Jack Maynard was born on November 23, 1994. Jack Maynard nationality is British. His birthplace is Brighton, England. Regarding his parents, Maynard’s father is a builder and his name is Gary Maynard. Helen Maynard is his mother’s name and she is an office worker.

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Jack Maynard family background also has something to do with his career in the entertainment world. He had an elder brother as Conor Maynard who is a singer. They have collaborated to found a musical band called ‘GOAT.’ Jack Maynard also has a younger sister Anna Maynard including his parents and the singer brother in his family.