Bleachers has immersed in an ’80s synth-pop nirvana from the release of the first single ‘Don’t Take the Money’ of the new album Gone Now. Whether you are familiar or not, Bleachers is a one-man act. And the man is the former frontman of indie rock group Steel Train and also a frequent collaborator of Taylor Swift and Lorde, “Jack Antonoff.” He has a booming music career but what about his love life? Has Jack Antonoff married his girlfriend of nearly five years, Lena Dunham? Or, is he still dating her? When will Lena Dunham be Jack Antonoff’s wife? Today, we will cover the answer to these questions.

Jack Antonoff Married; Who is Jack Antonoff’s wife?

Many people often speculate that Jack Antonoff has secretly tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Lena Dunham. They both are in a loving relationship for four long years. Hence, it is common for people to speculate about Jack Antonoff’s married life.

An Instagram post made by Jack Antonoff’s girlfriend, Lena Dunham on 24th July put the fans in a dilemma.  She mentioned Jack Antonoff’s sister as a sister-in-law in the photo caption. So, the dilemma was “Has Jack Antonoff married his girlfriend, Lena Dunham?”

Caption: Has Jack Antonoff married his girlfriend, Lena Dunham? Fans are wondering…

So is Lena Dunham, Jack Antonoff’s wife or is still Jack Antonoff’s girlfriend?

Well, Lena Dunham is Jack Antonoff’s girlfriend as of now not Jack Antonoff’s wife. They have not married each other yet. Back in October 2014, Jack Antonoff’s girlfriend, Dunham mentioned him as a life partner. So when Stern, host of SiriusXM radio asked Dunham if they’re against getting married, she replied:

We’re not against marriage, but I wanna wait until it’s something—my sister’s gay and it just doesn’t feel good to me to do something she can’t do. She can do it in some places but not all places.

So are they seriously waiting for all the states to legalize gay marriage before they get married? Well, we respect their decision, and we hope gay marriage will be legalized very soon in all the states and countries! Once they plan on getting married, we will update you very early on Jack Antonoff married life!

Since Jack has not married anyone yet, there is no chance of a divorce in his dating life. He has split with other girlfriends before but never married one of them and divorced them.

Jack Antonoff Dating Life With His Girlfriend, Lena Dunham!

Jack Antonoff met his now-girlfriend, Lena Dunham on a blind date set by their mutual friends in 2012. They fell for each other shortly, and Jack moved to Dunham’s Brooklyn home in 2013.

 Jack Antonoff with his girlfriend, Lena Dunham
Jack Antonoff with his girlfriend, Lena Dunham

The couple loves each other a lot, and they have mutual understandings between each other. Jack care for his girlfriend too much. In an interview with Newsweek, Jack talked about how is the environment at home when he and his girlfriend, Lena Dunham have busy schedules:

Two people who are deeply immersed in things and trying to care for each other at the same time, it’s challenging. We both give ourselves over to the work that we’re making, and that’s a very intense experience. It’s a lot for anybody to live around, let alone two people to live around

Lena Dunham is perfect to be a Jack Antonoff’s wife. She is too loyal to his boyfriend or life partner. They have amazing chemistry in their relationships. Dunham said to SiriusXM radio:

I feel the more I’m alone, the more I turn into this rageful, hardened-shell of a woman…I never get the feeling of like, ‘Oh I wanna go out and’—I can curse on this show?—I’m never like, ‘I wanna go out and f–k little boys…I wanna stay in and re-read Madame Bovary and never speak to anyone again. My boyfriend is definitely the person who prevents me from doing that

Lena is more of Jack Antonoff’s wife than Jack Antonoff’s girlfriend. The pure and true relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend without even exchanging sacred vows is reflected by Jack Antonoff’s dating life.

Jack Antonoff Wiki-Bio

Born in the year 1984 in Bergenfield, New Jersey, ‘Jack Antonoff’ is an American musician, singer, record producer, and songwriter. He celebrates his birthday on 31st of March. With the last birthday celebration, Jack Antonoff’s age is 33.

American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer Jack Antonoff
American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff has a body height of 5 feet 8 inch. He was born to the parents Shira and Rick Antonoff. Fashion designer Rachel Antonoff is the older brother of Jack. At the age of 13, Sarah, Jack Antonoff’s younger sister died of brain cancer.

Instagram: Jack Antonoff childhood photo

Antonoff was the lead singer of Steel Train. The band was formed in 2002. He has won three Grammy Awards till now. His song “We Are Young” was awarded as Song of the Year. His famous songs are We Are Young, Brave, Sweeter Than Fiction, Stand by You, Green Light, Perfect Places, and much more.

Youtube: Jack Antonoff in the Jimmy Fallon show

As a singer, songwriter and record producer, Jack Antonoff’s net worth must be high. He has been involved in a musical career since 2002. So he must have earned an immense amount of money contributable to his vast net worth. As of 2017, Jack Antonoff’s net worth is around $4 million. He is presently busy on many projects. So his net worth will get a drastic change over a year. Thus, stay tuned with us to be updated on Jack Antonoff’s net worth!