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Quick Facts of

Rachel Jackson is a Scottish comedian and actress best known for her role in Bunny Boiler in 2017. Furthermore, the up and coming comedian is starting to make an impact in the entertainment industry.

Rachel Jackson played in a handful of movies, however,  she gained a huge fan base from her roles in those movies. Learn more about the up and coming actress/comedian. in this article. Learn about her past affairs, career, as well as net worth.

How much is Rachel Jackson’s Net Worth?

Rachel Jackson’s net worth is still under review. She started out as a stand-up comedian. And with an average income of a comedian ranging from $2,191 to $7,000 per show. We can say she was able to earn huge amount of money from her show Slutty Little Goldfish.

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Furthermore, she was able to land roles in a handful of movies as well. With an average actor salary being $52,000 a year, we’re sure she earned somewhere around the given ballpark.

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She might not be a Richie Rich, however, she is sure to possess enough dollar bills to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Rachel Jackson’s Wiki Bio and Career

The up and coming actress was born on August 23rd, 1987 in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, Rachel kept most of her past in the shadows. Moreover, the comedian is British by nationality and belongs to Scottish ethnicity/race.

Moving on to her education, the actress graduated with a degree in B.A. with a major in acting at Rose Bruford Drama School. However, the details about her schooling is still a mystery.

The actress made her debut in 2017 on the show Bunny Boiler. However, the actress did two shows before her show in 2016 called Memoirs of a Bunny Boiler. And in 2017, she did a show called Force of Nature before her official debut.

Furthermore, in 2018 she started acting in movies. Her debut in the big screen was in the movie The Party’s Just Beginning along with her friend Karen Gillan. And in 2019, she is playing the role of Wendy in the movie Beats alongside Laura Fraser and Amy Manson.

Rachel Jackson’s Mini Series Bunny Boiler

The mini-series, Bunny Boiler first aired on 9th January 2017, with Rachel Jackson starring. The series is a story of a psychotic girl looking for a boyfriend and giving out dating tips.

The mini-series was successful to propel the comedian/actor to stardom. Furthermore, because of her popularity with the show, she gained more and more opportunity in her career as an actress.

Past Affairs of Rachel Jackson

The actress kept most of her past in the murky waters. Besides, Rachel Jackson isn’t married yet. Furthermore, it was revealed in an interview that she was indeed dating someone. However, all she revealed regarding about her partner was his name in her tweet three years ago.

Well, it seems she was just kidding after all as there is no information of the guy named Michael. On her social media handles, she generally shares pictures of herself and her friends. No room for this Michael guy it seems.

Rachel Jackson’s Online Presence and Body Measurements

Although Rachel Jackson gained huge recognition in her short time as an actress and a stand-up comic, Jackson doesn’t possess a huge number of follower on her social media accounts.

Rachel Jackson as Cassandra in Bunny Boiler

The comedian prefers to use Twitter over Instagram with over 5,617 tweets till date and with little over 2.8k followers. However, over on her Instagram account, the actress failed to gain more than 451 followers as of 2019.

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Moving on to her body features, the comedian/actress stands at a decent height and with a healthy weight. Furthermore, her hair color is blond and as for her eyes color, it is greenish blue.