Game of Thrones actors, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie! what happened after their break in 2013? And what about Harrington’s love affairs with Grazi Massafera and Rachel McAdams?

It looks like Jon Snow and Ygritte’s time has finally come to decide whether to stay low or go high, in real life, that is. The love couple confirmed about their relationship in 2016 and are thinking of getting married pretty soon! GOOD NEWS, I guess!

Is Kit Harington Dating Rose Leslie?

Yes, recently, they confirmed their relationship and even disclosed their future plans out to the public. While the pair stirred themselves up in relationship rumors back in 2012, and even had some sort of dispute a year after, they’ve now moved in together and are ENGAGED! 

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington, source: gdnonline

In 2016, Harington said he fell in love in Iceland with his co-star. He further admitted that even when they had their on-screen relationship pretty doomed, their connection in real life was only growing stronger over time. And they’ve proved it, I guess..

Did Kit Harington Date Grazi Massafera?

Let us take you guys a few years back in time. The incident took place in Brazil at a club where Massafera and Harington had few shots together. They were in the middle of a drinking game called “Never Have I Ever”.

After a few glasses of champagne and a few rounds, Grazi was finally asked if she has ever made out with GOT stars. And you know the rest cuz people do stupid stuff while they’re drunk. But don’t get us wrong, Kit had broken up with Leslie back then and it didn’t look like he did anything wrong. And that’s pretty much everything. So, he didn’t date Grazi Massafera, and it was just a game that got their dating rumors out in public.

Kit Harington and Grazi Massafera, source: ultraimg

Kit Harrington and Rachel McAdams?

Though he had been in relationships with hotties in the past, it’s a fake news this time. It’s a clear “NO’. Kit Harington and Rachel McAdams didn’t date but were seen together with a bunch of other people having dinner together in Toronto back in 2013. That is what made people think that there was something fishy going on between them.

Rachel McAdams and Kit Harington, source: photos.laineygossip

Though they look really good together, it’s confirmed that they never dated in the past. But maybe they will??  You never know…