An anonymous person once said: “I was looking for something not very difficult…something easy and interesting. I was only half right because journalism is really interesting, but not easy.” In fact, this quotation best defines a Belarusian journalist, reporter, and editor; Iryna Khalip.

The journalism journey of Iryna Khalip is not as easy as we think. She suffered lots of troubles during her journalism career. Well, besides her professional life, how she is handling her personal life? Is she a married woman? Let’s find out!

Is Iryna Khalip a Married Woman?

The reporter and editor of the Minsk bureau of Novaya Gazeta, Iryna Khalip is a married woman. Khalip is happily married to a Belarusian politician and activist, Andrei Sannikov.

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The loving duo tied the knot at Minsk Bureau in the presence of their closed ones. They both share a son together. However, the pair keep the birth date of their son as a secret.

Iryna Khalip's Personal Life. Biography
Iryna Khalip with her husband  Andrei Sannikov.

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41 years-old journalist, Khalip is quite secretive regarding her personal life. So, she prefers to keep her marital details away from the limelight.
Coming to the previous days of Khalip, she is free from any past dating relationship affairs. Similarly, Sannikov is also far from any former affairs and rumors. Hence, the loving couple is living a blissful married life.

How much is Iryna Khalip’s Net Worth?

Iryna Khalip accumulates an estimated net worth $500 thousand. In Minsk, the average salary of a Journalist is around $43 thousand annually. So, as a journalist, Khalip possibly earns the same range of salary per year.

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Khalip, furthermore, started her journalism career after graduation from Belarusian State University. She then got a job at the government paper Sovetskaya Belorussiya from where she made an amazing fortune.

Journalist Iryna Khalip
Iryna Khalip receiving an Award.

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Her husband, Andrei Sannikov, in contrast, possesses an estimated net worth $1 million as of 2019. So, it’s no wonder they are living a lavish lifestyle.

Controversy; Belarusian Government’s Warning Over An Article of Iryana Khalip!

When the wife of Andrei Sannikov, Iryana Khalip worked for the Independent newspaper Imya(1999), the Belarusian government announced a warning to Imya over an article of Khalip. The article was about the Central Electoral Committee’s activities.

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After the claim over Khaip, police came to Khalip’s home and started to threaten her. Furthermore, they searched her apartment, confiscated travel documents, and took her work computer.

In March 0f 2000, while Khalip was reporting in Minsk in a public march, she was forced into a police vehicle along with 34 other journalists. However, after some time, they all were released.

Youtube; Take a look at an interview of Iryana Khalip and her spouse Andrei Sannikov!

Later in 2003, president Lukashenko changed the Belarusian criminal code and made it illegal for journalists to write anything negative about the president. Furthermore, Khalip wrote multiple articles on corruption in the prosecutor’s office for Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta. 

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Later, the former Soviet Republics and its journalists faced brutal intimidation and persecution. After that, two popular journalists, Anna Politkovskaya, and Yuri Shchekochikhin killed themselves.

Khalip, however, did not stop reporting on civil and human rights abuses. She further stated;

 “It would betray my friends. It would betray the memory of their husbands. There is only one way to go ahead.”

Quick Facts of Iryna Khalip

Where is Iryna Khalip Originally from?

Minsk, Belarus

How old is Iryna Khalip?

41 years

What is the nationality of Iryna Khalip?


Which ethnicity does Iryna Khalip belong to?


What is the color of Iryna Khalip’s eyes?


How tall is Iryna Khalip?

5 feet 7 inches

What is the color of Iryna Khalip’s hair?


Where did Iryna Khalip receive an education?

Belarusian State University