Writing a story needs dedication, hard work, and passion especially when we are talking about Novel. Thousands of Novels are published worldwide, and few only gains the massive success and immense fame. A lot of talent is required to create a book with feelings of thoughts and emotions. Among the few Novelist, Richard Flanagan is one of them who got the massive fame from his writing skill. Winner of the 2014 Man Booker Prize, his novels inspire most of the readers. But how is Richard Flanagan married life with her wife? And, who is Richard Flanagan wife? Along with his books, most of the people are quite curious about knowing his married life.

You must be eager to know Richard Flanagan net worth. How much money does a famous novelist make from his book, don’t you want to know? Let’s hurry and find out Richard Flanagan books, net worth, wife, married life, wiki, career, and bio.

Richard Flanagan Married Life; Wife And Children

Richard Flanagan is a married man and has three Children. He and his Wife, Majda Smolej got married at very young age. The exact date of Richard Flanagan marriage is still unknown. According to the sources, they had their three years old daughter in 1991. Richard Flanagan together with his wife Majda welcomed twins daughters named Jean and Eliza.

Richard Flanagan married, wife, children, wiki, bio
Caption: Richard Flanagan with his wife, Majda Smolej. Photo Credit: Insurance Loss

Though Richard hasn’t much gushed about his wife, he once revealed that his writer’s life had left him with a single penny to support his wife and three children. However, his best novel has awarded him with thousands of pound which would help him to support his family of five. Currently, he lives in Tasmania with his three children and wife, Majda.

Richard Flanagan Career As a Novelist

Richard Flanagan’s started his career as a novelist, by writing his first novel, Death of a River Guide (1994), that tells the tale of Aljaz Cosini. The Novel earned the 1996 National Fiction Award.

His second critically acclaimed novel, The Sound of One Hand Clapping (1997), tells the story of  Slovenian immigrants family in Tasmania during the 20th century.  His novel Gould’s Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish (2001), was awarded the 2002 Commonwealth Writers Prize for best book and also won the Commonwealth’s Regional Prize for best book. The Unknown Terrorist (2006) and  Wanting (2008) are his other novels. Richard released The Narrow Road to the Deep North in 2013, for which he won The 2014 Man Booker Prize and much other honor. Richard’s latest Novel was First Person published in 2017.

Richard Flanagan books, novel, career, novelist
Caption: Richard Flanagan won the 2014 Man Booker Prize, for his book The Narrow Road to the Deep North, at the Guildhall in London. Photo Credit: SBS

In addition to writing novels, Richard Flanagan has also published historical non-fiction books like “Parish-Fed Bastards (1991) and Codename Iago (1991). Regarding Richard’s career, he was also a renowned journalist. His articles appeared regularly in The New Yorker magazine and the Paris newspaper Le Monde. Richard is also a director who directed the film The Sound of One Hand Clapping (1998) and was a co-writer of the film Australia (2008).

Richard Flanagan Wiki-Bio; Age, Nationality

Richard Flanagan was born in 1961 as  Richard Miller Flanagan in Longford, Tasmania, Australia. His nationality is Australian, and he descended from Irish convicts. Richard is the fifth of six children of Catholic parents. Richard Flanagan’s age is 57 years old as of 2018. His all works were critically acclaimed, and he now “the finest Australian novelist of his generation.”

Richard Flanagan’s early life was painted in the mining town of Rosebery, in western Tasmania. At his sixteen years of old age, he left school to work as a bush laborer. Richard then later attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. Before becoming a writer, he had worked as a river guide and a doorman. His hard work and precise writing skill made him famous as ‘A renowned Novelist in the world.’

Richard Flanagan Net Worth 

Richard has written many novels and non-fiction books which was massive hits. His books have paid him very well that he enjoys a massive net worth at his old age. However, Richard has always been very conservative when it comes to revealing his earning, and net worth. But he most often says that he isn’t a wealthy person.

Meanwhile, in 2014, Richard was awarded 50,000 pounds for his sixth novel The Narrow Road to the Deep North. So, it makes us clear that Richard makes thousands of dollar from his books. As of 2018, Richard Flanagan net worth is under review. But as per the report, Richard enjoys a happily married life with enough net worth to support his family.