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Is Henry Cavill Dating Someone After Dumping His Teenage Girlfriend Tara King? Know His Dating History!

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Henry Cavill is no new name to us, as he became most prominence actor after performing as Superman in recent movies. Henry, 33, became most than just famous as people started searching for his personal life now. He is gaining name and fame for his dating life as he dumped teenage girl last year. Thus, in this column, we will be discussing about Henry Cavill dating life and the reason why he dumped Tara King.

Henry Cavill Dumped Tara King Last Year

Once in an interview, Cavill revealed Tara King to be happy with the relationship and she also does not mind the age gap between them. But, what he said became hoax when the couple broke up after two months of his statement.

Is Man of Steel Dating

Tara, blonde, became shocked from this unexpected breakup. She became devastated and was like being hit from the ray straight from Superman’s eyes. Even if the duo got separated, their co-operation and affection for each other has not end yet. Recently, Cavill invited her in his birthday party and she did attend. When asked, he mentioned:

…but we are in separate boat now.

We can feel how Tara felt back then, as this phase comes to one’s life once in a while. While asked King, she replied about Cavill being love of her life and her trust is now broken.

Henry Cavill Love Life with Tara King

You might want to know how the person of age 33 got into love affair with 19 years old Tara. The couple met for the first time in London’s renowned night club in the year 2016. It is reported that they started dating in October of the same year. But their love life was criticized much.

Henry Cavill Dumped His Teenage Girlfriend

Cavill gave strong statement to those criticisms:

‘Age is just some numbers. It indicates maturity, nothing more.’

Around a month after that interview, Cavill gave another statement in public:

‘While I am Superman who has responsibility of saving and protecting people from all over the world, Tara protects me in my world.’

Henry Cavill Dating History

For now, Henry is maintaining low-key life so we do not have information of his dating life as of now. But, this relationship was not the first time he been through. Previously he was in relation with Gina Carano in the year 2012. And that relationship came to existence when Cavill called off engagement with Ellen Whitaker.

The pair was co-operative and used to meet at the end of the day even in busy schedule. But, the news of couple’s split came in two years in the year 2014 which made all of us shock.

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