Helene Boshoven Samuel, who is popular as Leni, looks like she will inherit her parents’ profession in the glamour industry. Blessed with her mother Heidi Klum‘s modeling ancestry and father’s singing heritage, Helene is already a person about whom there are already lots of articles in media and magazines.

This promising celebrity child also has some ups and downs in her past which might be some lessons from her own past to be stronger and move more persistently. So, keep reading this article to know more about Helene Boshoven Samuel‘s parents, wiki, bio, family ancestry, and prospective modeling career she might adopt.

Who Are Helene Boshoven Samuel’ Real Parents?

Helene Boshoven Samuel is the daughter of Heidi Kluma German-American model. Heidi dated an Italian businessman Flavio Briatore in March of 2003.

In the month of December the same year, Heidi Klum announced her pregnancy. But, Helene’s parents were already apart before her birth. Who was Helene Boshoven Samuel’s father at the time of her birth?

Helene Boshoven Samuel real parents
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Helene was born when her parents had already split. Helene was adopted by her mother’s ex-husband and grew up with her stepfather later.

Then, Helene’s mother Heidi Klum met the British singer Seal Samuel who was also present at the time of Helene’s birth in 2004. When Helene was one year, her mother married Seal. Thus, Helene separated from her biological father and was with her stepfather.


Helene Boshoven Samuel’s biological father Flavio Briatore could not give necessary time for his daughter. He was thoughtful for the child’s upbringing and agreed to let Helen be adopted by Heidi Klum’s new husband.

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Thus, Helene got a new singer father and became Helene Boshoven Samuel from Helene Briatore.

Helen Boshoven Samuel’ Wiki Bio; Age, Early Life, and Education

Helene Boshoven Samuel was born on May 4, 2004, in New York, USA. Though she was born to mother Heidi Klum and father Flavio Briatore, Seal Samuel later adopted her.

Helen has three half-siblings from her mother’s side, Lou, Henry, and Johan. She also has a half-sibling from her father’s new marriage, Nathan.

Later, in an interview, Flavio told that his biological daughter needed a family to grow up in. Hence, her adoption was a mutual decision.

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She is currently in her middle school studies and has a tender age of 14 years, the same age as Dylan Conrique. Visit us again so that you will get to know more about Helen Boshoven Samuel.