Many people find difficult to take their blissful married life and successful professional life together. It is more difficult when both husband and wife are engaged in their jobs. The worst is the situation when both the husband and the wife are in a public life like in a mass media.

Helen Lasichanh married life with her husband Pharell Williams is an exception. They are equally happy as husband and wife and able to lead a successful career in the entertainment industry.

In this short Helen Lasichanh wiki bio, we have brought you a good amount of information on the Pharell Williams wife’s age and height, parents, wedding and husband, nationality, son, and children. You will definitely like to scroll down to read the full article.

How Does Helen Lasichanh Become Pharell Williams Wife?

Helen Lasichanh had ignored Pharell Williams first when he had shown interest to become her husband. But, it was Pharell Williams who didn’t give up.

Before Pharell Williams was able to win his beloved’s heart, he had to wait for a long run. First to persuade her and then to separate her from her previous boyfriend.

Helen and Pharell Williams had been friends for years before Pharell Williams decided to break the silence first. He recalls the inception of love in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2014 thus:

I was like, ‘Who and what is that?’

I just knew. I knew at some point something was going to happen. I was just so enamored by the moment I was having with her. I just wanted to read that book – I didn’t care what was in it.

Pharell Williams kept on following Helen until she finally showed a conditional green signal. Helen was already with her boyfriend, and the condition was that Pharell would have to wait until Helen breaks up the existing relationship and prepares a wedding for this new would be a husband of hers. Then the couple tied their knots in an exceptional wedding ceremony.

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Helen Lasichanh’s Wedding With Pharell Williams: An Expensive Yacht Is Their Wedding Church

The waiting is over! Pharell Williams gets his dream girl as his wife. Do you want to know how the wedding happened? The newly married couple were once again able to draw the attention of many through the news coverage of their wedding ceremony.

The wedding took place, not in a conventional church. There was a revolutionary wedding on a yacht in Florida and the husband and wife wore unique tartan wedding costumes.

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Many of their celebrity guests boarded the yacht from Miami to Florida for the wedding ceremony to be accomplished. The couple was happy to pay $19,000 per day to hire the expensive yacht to hold their celebrity guests on board as long as the ceremony continued.

Helen Lasichanh’s Wiki: From Parents To Children And Age To Nationality

Helen Lasichanh is an American by nationality and a model by profession. Born on July 22, 1980, she has reached the age of 37 and has a towering figure with the height of 5 feet 11 inches which is slightly more than her husband’s height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Helen Lasichanh's young age photo
Helen Lasichanh’s young age photo

Helen has a mixed-race ancestry. Her family origin comes from Laos and Egypt. She has an attractive personality and a diverse ethnicity inherited from her parents. Helen has been the greatest supporter of her singer and songwriter husband Pharell Williams.

Helen and Pharell had been parents to a son before they were married. It was in the year 2008 that Helen Lasichanh gave birth to her son who was later named Rocket Ayer Williams and they only got married in 2013.

Helen and her husband Pharrell with their children
Helen and her husband Pharrell with their children

Helen and Pharell once again became parents in 2017, and the little Rocket became the elder brother now. But, this time the family increased with three members at once. Bravo Helen for the birth of the trio! Now this much for Helen Lasichanh wiki bio.

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