American origin Heather Kuzmich is a model who rose to fame after appearing in season 9 of America’s Next Top model in 2007.

Despite her diagnosis with autism spectrum disorder and facing bullies from other contestants, Kuzmich succeeded to make it to top 5 in the competition.

Who is Heather Kuzmich?

Heather Kuzmich is an American model and is mostly known for her appearance in reality show; America’s Next Top Model where she auditioned for in 2007 and made it as a top 5 finalists.

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As a matter of fact, the beautiful model was able to stand as the fourth runner up in the competition.

Heather Kuzmich Personal Life

Heather Kuzmich was born on 19th April 1986 in Valparaiso, Indiana as well as raised in the same city.

Kuzmich was diagnosed with Asperger, a condition where a person develops difficulties with socializing and communicating non-verbally, at the age of fifteen right around the time her father passed away.

Because of Asperger syndrome, Heather Kuzmich struggled in her life as she admitted in one of the ANTM’s episodes.

In fact, some of the girls aka her competitors in ANTM made fun of her speaking abilities.

Furthermore, Kuzmich also had to face some serious elimination round when she didn’t give her best performance while delivering her lines.

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As for her dating life, Heather Kuzmich is presumably single.

Heather Kuzmich Career

Since her early days, Heather Kuzmich knew she wanted to pursue her professional career in modeling.

Sadly for Kuzmich, life took a bad turn when her body developed autism characteristics. But the young and bright Kuzmich still didn’t lose her hope to give up her dream right away.

At the age of 21, Kuzmich packed her bag and flew from her hometown Indiana to New York to apply for America’s Next Top Model.

Throughout her time in ANTM Heather had both ups and downs, considering her Asperger symptoms, but she still made it to top 5 and ultimately became the ninth contestant to be eliminated.

Migrating from Indiana to New York, Heather Kuzmich currently resides in Chicago Illinois and studies video game design.

What Is Heather Kuzmich Net Worth?

After the conclusion of her ANTM’s journey, Heather earned the opportunity to work for many magazines and lavish cities around the States, China, and Hong Kong.

Heather Kuzmich worked with Elite Model Management, did loads of photoshoots, appeared in People magazine and MTV’S Made.

To recognize her successions in modeling, Heather Kuzmich has a net worth of $100 thousand.

Heather Kuzmich Body Measurements

America’s Next Top Model’s alum Heather Kuzmith stands at a height of 6 feet and weighs only 58 kg.

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As for Kuzmich chest and waist, it measures to 35 and 25 inches which don’t come as a surprise for her typical model figure.

Heather Kuzmich Quick Facts;

When was Heather Kuzmich born?

19th April 1986

Where was Heather Kuzmich born?

Valparaiso, Indiana

What is Heather Kuzmich’s nationality?


What ethnicity does Heather Kuzmich belong to?


What is Heather Kuzmich’s zodiac sign?


What is Heather Kuzmich color eyes ?


What is Heather Kuzmich ’s hair color?


How tall is Heather Kuzmich ?

6 feet

What is Heather Kuzmich’s net worth?