Heather Doerksen chose theatre over science early on and it changed her life. She is now a success as the voice for animations and face for small to big screens alike. The Canadian actress became famous for her works in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Stargate: Atlantis and Pacific Rim.

A down-to-earth actress Heather Doerksen always shows commitment through her character. Moreover, she is not biased while choosing works and has made a place of her own in the show-biz. So, you must be curious about the actress’ private life. What is the relationship status of the 39-years old actress? Let’s explore the answer along with more facts.

What is the Fact About Heather Doerksen’s Relationship Status?

Heather Doerksen is living an unaccompanied yet perfect life. The news to her lovey-dovey connection has not made it to the media so far if any. Based on her age, people often blindly assume that she is a married woman, but the fact is exactly the opposite.

She is generally around her immediate show’s casts whom she befriends with her likable personality. Or she is on a date with her cool self.

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Not being in a relationship does not mean you forget how to have fun. Well, Doersen looks busy with her work-life but knows her way around having a blast alone. In fact, she is relishing the single and independent life.

Heather Doerksen looking beautiful at an event.
Heather Doerksen looking gorgeous at an event.

She is an active user of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She also posts photos and videos of herself with her friends, peers, and family there, but we cannot find a tiny clue of her falling for a man.

Heather Doerksen’s Net worth and Earnings

Heather Doerkson’s estimated net worth is $800 thousand as of nowShe gets her wealth from the good amount of movies, T.V. series and animations she acted on previously.

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In particular, she acted in the 2013 film Pacific Rim with production fees of $190 million. The science fiction movie gathered $411 million in the box office.

YouTube: Heather Doerksen’s movie Pacific Rim.

The 1.15 meters tall actress also featured in the 2008 science fiction thriller movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Its production cost was $80 million and collected $233.1 million in the box office.

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Finally, Heather appeared as Mildred Kemp in the 2009s psychological horror film The Uninvited. The box office gathered $41.6 million in total. These are, however, only a few movies which cannot obviously define the entire career of the gorgeous Canadian actress.

Quick Facts on Heather Doerksen

Where and when was Heather Doerksen born?

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on February 12, 1980

Which nationality does Heather Doerksen belong to?


What is the ethnicity of Heather Doerksen?


How old is Heather Doerksen?


How tall is Heather Doerksen?

5 feet 9 inches

How much does Heather Doerksen weigh?

65 kg

What is Heather Doerksen’s birth sign?


Where did Heather get her education from?

Simon Fraser University

Which hair color does Heather Doerksen have?

Light brown

What is Heather Doerksen’s eye color?


What is the body measurement of Heather Doerksen?

33-25-35 inches