Types of heart Disease with its signs and symptoms. Understand your heart functionality

Heart Disease

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Do you realize, how you are going to die? Most of the people die due to heart diseases. What causes heart diseases? Heart diseases may cause due to high cholesterol. You need 50 to 70 mg cholesterol in your body. According to AHA (American Heart Association), more than one in three adults have heart diseases.

Heart diseases suffer due to damage to blood vessels that supply blood to the heart that can lead to a heart attack, and chest pain. Some young adults are suffering from heart diseases. It may cause due to hectic lifestyle, tension, and poor eating habits.

Signs/ Symptoms of heart diseases

Some people are born with the heart diseases. But some people have the following symptoms of heart diseases. Knowing about signs of heart diseases enables you to receive the best treatment before it becomes dangerous.


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The first common sign is angina. When coronary arteries are blocked, it causes chest pain which is called angina. A heart attack occurs when blood stops flowing to the muscles. The features chest pain of heart diseases occurs due to high blood pressure or pain start at the centre of the chest. It can transfer to neck, jaw, arms or stomach. If you have a chest problem, consult with our doctor.


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Dyspnea causes due to feeling uncomfortable in breathing. It is a warning sign of heart attack. It may cause chest pain of a heart attack. It occurs due to shortness of blood in the blood vessels which return blood from lung to heart and also due to heart not pumping blood properly.  It may be due to weakness in core muscles.

Swelling of feet

Swelling feet

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Swelling in feet and ankle occurs when the blood pumping capacity reduces. This affects into kidney which response by retaining more fluid in the body. The fluid transfer to the feet and another part of the body. People who have swelling feet and leg should consult with the doctor.

Unusual Fatigue


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We connect chest pain with the heart attack; well chest pain is a common sign of heart attack. But most of the women do not have chest pain may suffer from unusual fatigue. You probably have a hectic schedule like cleaning house, cook food, take care of family, etc. and you feel tired. You may suffer from fatigue or heavy chest and also experience sleep disturbance.

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Neck, jaw and back pain


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Our body system gives signals when there is something wrong. If there is a problem in the heart, it triggers nerve in that area, but you feel pain elsewhere. Pain in jaw, neck, and back may signal heart diseases.

If you feel any of the signs which I have mentioned above, consult with your doctor. You should find out what is preventive care to avoid a heart attack.

Preventive care of heart diseases


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Avoid food and drinks that occur heart diseases

Avoid having too much alcohol it may increase fat in your body and may lead to increase your blood pressure. Do not eat salty foods and which contain high fat.  Most important do not eat food which may result in increase cholesterol in your body.  Improve your diet. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and food which help to improve nutrients.


From your hectic schedule, give your 30 minutes of exercise. You can also refer the internet to know about different types of exercises. You can also do exercises like walking, running, lifting weights to keep your heart in shape. You can also play outdoor games like football, basketball cricket.

Leave some time for relaxation

You may have a hectic schedule in our life which leads to stress. Give your time for relaxation by listening to music, hang around with friends. You can also do some meditation and yoga to keep your mind fresh and healthy.

Check your blood pressure and cholesterol level

Get a habit of consult with a doctor for a regular checkup. As you know, heart diseases occur due to high cholesterol and blood pressure. So, go to the hospital and check up your cholesterol level and blood pressure timely.

Drink enough water

Most of the people hardly drink water. You need maximum level of water to remove the toxin from your body. Try to build the habit of drinking a 2-3 litre of water in a day. Two glasses of water in the morning helps to function our body properly. One glasses of water before a meal helps in digestion of food. One glass of water before going to bed helps to prevent heart diseases.

Heart diseases mostly occur due to chest pain and wake you up from a deep sleep. If this happens, then have two aspirin with a little water. Sit on a sofa and do not lay down. You know the statement, “Prevention is better than care.” So you need to control blood pressure, get enough exercises, lower your cholesterol and avoid smoking to withdraw heart diseases problem.