There are plenty of people around who eat because they are big-time food lovers and some eat because they follow the fact that food is one of the essential parts of one’s survival. Similarly, the food intake pattern is different from person to person. Since we all agree upon to the actuality that men and women both are very different physically, mentally and emotionally, this is because of the way nature created us.

So, what goes inside each of our body shows outside differently. So, buckle up ladies to understand how significant role does the food you eat and what kind of food you eat plays to distinguish one from the ordinary woman to the superwoman.


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Ladies out there remember how you used to scuffle with your mom when you were young, and she used to offer broccoli in your lunchtime. Well, she knew that you are dreaming of becoming a superwoman, after all, she is a mom.  The excess estrogen in women’s body stimulates breast cancer, and broccoli helps in fighting against it.

Broccoli is not just exciting to look, but it does have interesting facts as well, Being one of the excellent sources of Vitamin A and rich in vitamin C, broccoli is equal to less than 30 calories per serving which helps you keep full and helps you from starving.

Olive Oil

The finished good is the amalgamation of many other components. Likewise, the food presented at your dining table did not come straight away from above but has gone through a proper preparation and involves various ingredients. Cooking oil is the initial step to prep a veggie. There are numerous oils in the market claiming zillions of health benefits, but nothing can beat the olive oil. Olive oil is good for your brain, preventing you from Alzheimer’s and helps in focusing on good feeling thoughts. Not just as cooking oil but one can even replace it with butter on bread. It is also useful for curing particular kinds of breast cancer.

Wild Alaskan salmon

Wild Alaskan Salmon
Wild Alaskan Salmon

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Food that is rich in omega-3s to embolden the healthy pregnancy as it consists of DHA and fatty acids. Regardless of how wild Alaskan salmon helps you, super ladies, to be super powerful in the time of emergency, it has some other benefits as well such as the needed amount of vitamin D and protein crucial for a woman’s body which is missing out on their day to day food could be compensated by it. It acts as a protective defense against the life-threatening

diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer depressions and anxiety.


 you all superwomen out there, let just carry beauty and brains together
you all superwomen out there, let just carry beauty and brains together

Do not underestimate this tiny looking stuff from inside. It has everything a woman’s body ought for like Minerals, vitamins, omega-3s, protein, and fibers. Just a handful of walnuts per day does the miracle to your overall charisma. Are you having issues with your good night sleep? Do you want to improve your concentration and be the smartest of them all? Is this stress taking over you? Or would you like to prevent your body from cancer? Walnut is the solution.


Oats, very popular among men and women as it not only takes care of their inner health but also acts as a remedy to one of those infamous issues mostly among women and that is weight gain. Many health experts claim that oats are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers which keep women active, regular and ongoing.  The American Heart Association suggests 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber a day is important for our body. Oats happen to be friendlier with the ladies’ body.

We tend to heart on a lot of big things that give us the sense of accomplishment and make us feel one of the super women. But why do we forget that it’s us who needs to perform at our best to achieve those goals in life, And for that matter, one must focus on numerous things that make our bases healthy? Apart from exercises and meditation, it is much crucial to look at our dietary intake as well. The balanced diet, healthy food recipe, and nutrients are something we overlook mostly. But these are things that matter. Women’s body goes through a drastic change from childhood till she conceives and delivers a baby. So, the food that was treating your body familiar ages ago might not treat you the same now.