Every day hundreds of youngster line up in front of studios to get a chance to enter the world of entertainment. Harry Hains is also the youngster who rose from the lines to the magazines and curtains of the entertainment world.

Harry is a model, actor, and singer who caught the attention of the world with the help of his talent as well as by his charismatic face. He is the living embodiment of the saying ‘Hard work does pay off.’ Explore Harry Hains: Age, Bio, Height, Dating, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Family, and Net worth.

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 Harry Hains Girlfriend: Love Life

Harry is very attractive in person. He does attract a lot of fans, especially of the opposite gender. And as a very famous personality, people are eager to know about his dating life and girlfriend.


Caption: Is Harry Hains dating?

Well, there is good news as well as bad news for Harry’s fan. The good news is that he hasn’t broken any hearts of his ladies fan because he is still single. The bad news is for those fans who are eager to know about his girlfriend because he doesn’t have one yet.

Nobody can stay single forever. After becoming settled Harry might give us the good news but no one can tell about the future.

As of now, Harry is very much indulged in his new projects and in building a career for himself.

Harry Hains Net Worth

Multi profession results in multiple sources of income Harry is not only a model, but he is an actor and a singer as well. He must earn a hefty amount of money from all those professions.

Before becoming an actor and singer, Harry first started his career as a model. Due to his very attractive face, he owned the fashion industry and landed gigs almost all over the world. He has posed for a variety of magazines and publications namely Amica Italia, Shortlist, Plaza, Vision China, Harper’s Bazaar China and for other various renowned companies. Harry also appeared in different ad campaigns for huge brands like Diesel, Levi’s, Skingraft, Adidas Originals, and Maison Kitsune Paris.


Caption: Harry Hains is a model, singer, and actor

As successful as Harry’s modeling career his acting career also blossomed like a pretty flower. He is famous for his roles in The Surface, American Horror History and even in The OA. The short movies “Lulu” and “Moon People” in which he acted won different awards, and his acting also got a pat in the back.

Harry is also ready for 2018 with his new films ‘Chase,’ ‘A Haunting At Silver Falls 2’ and with a musical project named “A Glitch in Paradise.”

All these works and projects surely earn him a fortune. However, Harry’s official net worth is still in the shadows and is currently under review.

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Harry Hains Bio/Wiki

Born in 1992, Harry Hains is an Australian citizen who grew up in the streets of Melbourne Australia. He celebrates his birthday in 4th of December every year. Harry Hains  height is six feet tall.

He is a guy with a killer looks accompanied by a healthy body and an average height.

Harry is currently 26-years-old. However, the 26-year-old Harry is very protective about his family because there is no information on the internet about them. He seems a like a person who doesn’t want to disclose about himself to other people.