FOX Channel is one of the most popular TV channels and TV reporters for this channel are highly appealed. Today we are talking about Harris Faulkner who is currently hosting the programme, Fox Report and also the programme Outnumbered Overtime. She is a married woman who hitched with ex-WCCO-TV journalist Tony Berlin and has two kids. Although she has been enjoying her married life for almost 19 years, she was alleged to be in an extra-marital affair.

In this column, we will be discussing Harris Faulkner’ extra-marital affair rumors and her married life with her husband.

Rumors and Facts: Is Harris Having an Extra-Marital Affair?

Harris Faulkner, 56, is one of the most hardworking and honest TV reporters who focus mostly on her profession. Although she never had affair or say extra-marital affair with anyone, rumors of her allegedly being together with someone else frequently comes to limelight.

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Harris Faulkner is in extra marital affair
Harris Faulkner is in an extramarital affair


As she is a media person, it is not rare to get associated or linked with her co-workers and teammates. The workload might be higher so she might go for lunch with friends and co-workers, but it does not mean her to have extra-affairs. We can confirm that Harris Faulkner is honest on her married life and there is no hard proof of her being with someone else.

Harris Faulkner’ Married Life with Husband Tony Berlin

It has been almost over 19 years of the couple being together and sharing a single life. But, their love life started in the year 2001. So, we can perceive their love life to be of more than 21 years.

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In 2001, the duo met for the first time and it was like love at first sight. After their first meet, the duo started seeing each other with excuses of having lunch and dinner and flourished their love. After dating for a year, they made up their mind and hitched.

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Fifteen years is a long period of time and we barely get the notation of such couples in celebrities. The duo has two kids, both daughters together who made their life more blissful. The kids, Bella was born in the year 2010, while the second kid was born in the year 2013.