If we manage to score a business class seat on the international flight, we would probably be sharing the photographs all over Instagram. But one Instagrammer was roundly mocked for her over-the-top snap from the business class cabin of a Cathay Pacific Flight.

The influencer from Hong Kong, Harimao Lee recently uploaded a photo of her sipping champagne on the flight from Hong Kong to Rome. She regularly keeps her 138k Instagram followers updated on her alluring travels.


On top of the blanket arranged over her legs were fairy lights, which she probably boarded with. While the post was made a month ago, the fairy sights have set off fresh scandal among Instagram users who thought it was all a bit much.

Thousands of fans are curious to know Harimao Lee dating affair. So, who is Harimao boyfriend? Also, find the figure of Harimao Lee net worth. On deck, we’ll be exploring Harimao Lee wiki facts, bio, boyfriend, age, height, parents, and family.

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Harimao Lee Boyfriend and Dating Affair

It is very often common for people to gossip the dating life of the Instagram star whom they like the most. No doubt, Harimao Lee is one of them. So, who is Harimao Lee boyfriend?

While comparing her looks, dressing senses, as well as her photography skills, she is more to rate 10 out of 10. But when it switches to her personal life, Lee seems to keep it locked in the closet. The Instagrammer hasn’t gushed a single word related to her relationship status. Though she uploads several couple pictures on her Instagram, no one seems to be her boyfriend.


Harimao likes to snap photos of couples from some of the insane, unrealistic places where she has been. Moreover, some pictures often make her fans to think that Lee has a boyfriend. But nothing has been confirmed yet.


Harimao tends to maintain a gap between her professional and private life. It seems she is more focused on her professional life and career. As of now, Harimao is single and unmarried. She is happily enjoying her life traveling around the world. However, her fans wish to see her with her boyfriend sooner or later.

Harimao Lee Wiki – Bio: Age, Height, Family, Ethnicity

Harimao Lee is an Instagram star who hailed from Hong Kong. She is famous as a travel photographer who travels around the world taking pictures of the beautiful wonder. She made her first post on Instagram in June 2013, asserting her motto as “Capturing the moment of life.”

Lee has traveled with her mates to many countries like Myanmar, India, Bali, China, Italy, Spain, France, and more. Within five years, she has successfully become one the most speculating photographers over the world.

Lee belongs to an Asian family. She has a decent height that suits her personality. She has dark black hair and a skinny body with no tattoos on it.

Harimao hasn’t revealed anything about her personal stuff like age, birthday, siblings, and parents’ identity.