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Who is Hallie Jackson Married To? Know Her Husband’s Name and Relationship!

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One of the top searched NBC media star Hallie Jackson is successful in both career and private life. The one who works as White House correspondent, Hallie is known to the world for her works and achievements while her personal information is still kept as secret. Today we shall discuss about Hallie Jackson married life, her husband, child and her on-going relationship.

Hallie Jackson Married Life: Husband is Doug Hitchner

Jackson is a married woman and she got married in the year 2011. Before tying a knot, this beautiful couple were engaged in the year 2010 May. It is mentioned in some source that the duo shared love life for long period of time. Hallie herself also confirmed the fact that they were dating since high school.

Although this pair is two sides of the coin, behaviour and activeness of both differs. We have seen Hallie to be actively participating in Social Medias like Twitter, but there is no sign of her husband’s engagement. In an Instagram too, she always keeps her single photo updated, there is no sign of her husband’s photo most of times. It might be because she fears to lure her husband being centre of attention. That might be the reason why she kept her husband so low-key.

Hallie Jackson's Husband Family Picture
Hallie Jackson’s Husband Family Picture

Talking about extra-marital affairs and divorce issues, there are none till date. Even if Doug Hitchner never came to limelight, there were no gossips, rumours and scandal issues till date.

Hallie Jackson and a Baby

Before not so long ago, one picture in her instagram account went viral. It was the picture in which Hallie was with a baby. When this pic was uploaded, most of her fans and followers speculated that baby to be her own baby. Although Jackson mentioned that baby not be of her in the caption, people did not believe her as both looked cute together.

Meet Wil. He's adorable. And he can fly. Had a blast meeting him and his family for our story on @thatdadblog's inspirational pics going global. #wilcanfly on @nbcnightlynews – tonight.

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We can frequently see her photos and small clips in her instagram account. Jackson mostly posts pictures of her fashion, life style and sometimes of dogs.

What a view. #dawkwalk #rockcreekrockstar

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Most Embarrassing Moment in Hallie’s Life

Everyone in the world faces embarrassing moment once in a life time. Talking about Jackson’s life, she faced such problem during live feed. She was talking about Donald Trump’s presidential election while booger flooded down her nose. But the live telecast was not stopped and later Jackson made it funny posting it in her Twitter account.