Gustavo Loza is in filmmaking industry since the early 90s. He is a Mexican Director, writer, and producer of Addicta Films Company. Most of his movies connect with audiences as he believes in making heart-touching movies.

On the February of 2018, the Mexican Actress Karla Souza recalled her horror past of sexual assault. Though the actress has not revealed the name to the media, Director Loza is assumed to be the same director, Souza is talking about. Well, is it true?

Let’s dig in more to find out about Karla Souza’s rape allegation on Gustavo Loza, net worth, television career and wiki-bio.

Gustavo Loza Accused of Rape Allegation

The year 2018 came as a shocking surprise for Director Loza. His family is deeply afflicted by accusation. A few months ago, actress Karla Souza whom he had worked on some project, unveiled on sexual assault. She did not explain the entire detail. It just hinted at a dark convention of the entertainment industry.

Gustavo Loza with Karla Souza
Caption: Gustavo Loza with Karla Souza during the premiere of the movie ‘¿Qué culpa

Photo credit: El Heraldo

But, after a month of the radio interview, she further illustrated her horrified past- She was psychologically manipulated and sexually assaulted at the beginning of the career. She did not disclose the name of the director.

Similarly, the actress also revealed that she was forced to stay with the director in a hotel together, apart from other crew members. He would knock on her doors in the middle of the night. If he did not receive the positive response from her, she would suffer in the set. Thus, Souza ended up being a rape victim at 22 years of age.

Is the Rape Accusation Towards Gustavo Loza True?

The accusation pinpointed Loza when the production Company cut off him from ongoing projects, Televisa. Denise Maerker, Televisa journalist, said in a statement;

“In the face of public accusations about the sexual abuse of actress Karla Souza, and after a preliminary investigation, Televisa has decided to immediately break off all relations with Mr. Gustavo Loza”

In response to Televisa, Director Loza vexed on their untrustworthy allegations without any evidence. He even clarified his relationship with the Mexican actress Souza that they had once consent affair. But it ended soon, and both of them decided to stay a good companion of one another.

The #MeToo movement has ignited relief among filmmakers since most of the women choose to speak up on sexual harassment. When Souza indirectly accused Gustavo Loza, tweets lashed against him. After that, Director decided to defend himself from the wrongful event.

“I distance myself from any accusation against me by Televisa and Denise Maerker, who today have accused me without foundation regarding the case of the alleged violation denounced by Karla Souza, which I lament profoundly and openly condemn.”

Gustavo Loza Wiki-Bio: Career, & Net worth!

Born on January 31, 1970, in Mexico City, Gustavo Loza completed mass communication degree from Universidad Iberoamericana. He also studied screenwriting at the Film Society of Writers of Mexico and specialized in Film Direction.

He started his career from making short movies- the club of 40 million fucking in 1994. Then he directed other short movies like Bala Bume Bum and Silencio Profundo in the year 2000 and 2003 respectively. He founded company Matatena films, where he worked as advertising director. The company made more than 400 commercial hits for high profile organization, such as Coca-Cola.

El PanteraParadas ContinuasCloroformoEl AlbergueLa ClínicaLos Héroes del Norte, and Qué Culpa tiene el Niño? are some of the television works of Gustavo Loza. His film Al Otro Lado earned huge recognition as most watched movies on different platforms. In addition to awards, he won the global place in the third position for Tv show Bizbirije.

Director Gustavopopular for constructing heart-warming movies for audiences. His most of the works team up with children. Also, numerous awards bestowed him for his film storylines and direction. Hence, Gustavo Loza net worth is estimated to be $8 million.