Goubran Bahou is a famous Social Media Personality who is famous as ‘goubtube’ in the world of social media. He is best known for comedy sketches and pranks videos alongside filmmaker Balcombe. The popular comedy video ‘Salt Shaker’ made him worldwide famous in 2014. Goubtube uploads videos on his Facebook Page and collaborative YouTube channel entitled “GOUBTUBE” which has more than 77K subscribers. His Facebook Page has garnered more than 1.6 million followers. But what about his love life? Is Goubtube dating a girlfriend? Or, has Goubtube married already? Know the details of his love life and explore Goubtube wiki facts along with Goubtube net worth.

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Goubran Bahou or Goubtube Dating; Who is Goubtube Girlfriend?

Many people often wonder about Goubtube dating life. They always look forward to knowing Goubtube girlfriend. But is Goubtube dating? Who is Goubtube boyfriend? Let’s get started:

In regards to Goubtube dating life, he has a romantic dating affair with his girlfriend, Jahannah James who is a Facebook star and a Vlogger. He has starred alongside his girlfriend, Jahannah James in a video entitled “Sleeping Next to Your Girlfriend,” which garnered more than 181K views. He has starred in several videos with his girlfriend such as Every Couple Argument Ever, Waking Up With Girls, and much more.

Photo credit: goubtube.teemill.co.uk

Though Goubtube has not talked much about his dating affair with his girlfriend, Jahannah, they have been dating each other for a year. Goubtube loves his girlfriend a lot and started dating her in June 2016. After a year of dating or, we say anniversary of their dating life; he posted a picture on Instagram where he wished his girlfriend, Jahannah James and expressed his love to her.


Caption: Goubran Bahou is dating his girlfriend, Jahannah James since June 2016.

The couple is liked by their fans, and both of them have the same passion and career. They are enjoying their dating life to the fullest and seems to be inseparable. We hope Goubtube will marry his girlfriend in future. Till then, he will enjoy dating Jahannah, and if further updates will be available on Goubtube dating affair, we will update you on Goubran Bahou or Goubtube dating life!

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Goubtube Married; Know Goubtube Wife

Has Goubran Bahou or Goubtube married already? If then who is Goubtube wife?

Well, Goubtube married life has yet to come. He is an unmarried man. He has no wife and children in his life. But is there someone who will most likely be Goubtube wife in future?

Well, Jahannah James will most likely be Goubtube wife in future. They are deeply in love with each other and share a common interest in the career. So, there is a huge chance that Goubran Bahou will get married to his now-girlfriend, Jahannah in coming days. He lives together with his girlfriend as of now. There is a post on Goubtube’s Instagram which suggests that he and his girlfriend will get married for sure.


Goubtube married: Will Goubran Bahou marry his girlfriend, Jahannah James?

When will Goubtube married life start? What do you think? However, Goubtube will marry a partner in future, and that’s undeniable. He might have a plan on having children with his wife as well. But as of 2017, he has not mentioned anything about having children and marrying his girlfriend.

Thus, Goubtube married life, Goubtube wife, and Goubtube children are all future talks.

We will update you on Goubtube married life, once he gets married to a wife!

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Goubtube Wiki-Bio and Also, Goubtube Net worth

Born in the year 1990 in Kuwait, Goubtube’s birthday is on 29th of August. With the last birthday celebration, Goubtube age is 27. Had you expected Goubtube’s age in 30s? Well, his age is only 27 as of now.

Have you any idea of Goubtube height? Well, his height is 5 feet 11 inches. In meters, Goubtube’s height is 1.80 m.

Many people look forward to knowing Goubtube origin? Well, he is from Kuwait, and his nationality is Kuwaiti. He has Algerian, Lebanese, and Palestinian roots.

Goubtube parents are a real mystery. However, we know the fact that Goubtube’s mother is a well-known TV news presenter in Egypt.

Goubtube’s body weighs about 80 kg, and he is of multi-racial ethnicity.

His YouTube channel GOUBTUBE cast members include himself, Alex Balcombe, Jahannah James, and Jasmine James. Goubtube purple hair girl is Jasmine James.

According to Goubran Bahou Instagram account, he has set the Guinness World Record for eating most chicken nuggets in 1 hour. During the period of his career, he has collaborated with stars such as Kevin Freshwater, Joe Tasker, and Julius Dein.

As per 2017-2018, Goubtube’s net worth is under review. But Goubran Bahou net worth must be high enough to support his lifestyle. Goubtube net worth grows rapidly with the change in time. So, if you have an interest in Goubtube net worth, stay updated, we will update you on Goubran Bahou net worth soon!