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Goldie Hawn is an American actress, producer, and singer, who is famous for her role in the drama, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

The actress garnered much fame, love, and wealth from her on-screen and off-screen works. Today we present you the properties owned by such a hardworking and good-hearted actress!!!

Goldie Hawn Houses

Thanks to Goldie Hawn‘s outstanding career as an actress, she purchased many houses in her life. First, let’s talk about her Ligh-Filled Manhattan Apartment. Hawn currently lives in the modern time apartment with a high-in-the-sky-space with floor-to-ceiling windows, which shows 360 degrees of Manhattan skyline. The actress loves the Anglo-Indian feel; therefore, her designer, made the apartment in a Southeast Asian Style. 

Although the actress prefers to call the apartment her glass temple, her client, Chubby Specter, calls his client “very spiritual.” The actress has spent a lot of money in the apartment as the living room only is worth more than $100,000. In her living room, she has set circa 1920 Chinese opium bed where she loves to meditate.

The dining room is set with Tiffany’s crystal and china whereas, the house is filled with ABC Carpet & Home bed and carved chairs. You might wonder how much is the price of the apartment, well, adding all the decorations, it is no less than $1 million.

In 2004, Hawn and her partner, Kurt Russell, bought a home in the Pacific Palisades for nearly $4.12 million. The 6,400 square feet house includes five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a roomy living room, a private backyard, French doors, a swimming pool, and a separate meditation Pavillion.

The house features four guest bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a gym, a private fireplace, and also a steam shower. After owning the property for more than a decade, the power couple listed their property for sale in 2016 at $7.25 million. But as the property remained unsold, they reduced the price of the house and, eventually, sold it at $6.9 million in 2017.

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As Hawn and her husband loves to purchase properties, there are many houses they bought and sold in their life. Well, in early 2011, the couple started to live in a half-acre, bluff-top, custom-built, with an elevator equipped residence. Furthermore, they bought the house at a price of $5.7 million.

Other Properties

The soulmates also used to own a property in the Pacific Palisades area, which sold for $12 million in 2004 to Adam Sandler. Similarly, they also own a 5,7000 Sq Ft home in a gated golf enclave in Plam Desert, CA. They purchased the house at a price of $3,165 million in 2003.

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Prior to that, Hawn also bought a 3,500-ish-square-foot penthouse in a Midtown Manhattan high-rise in 1997. She paid $3.85 million for the house at that time. Further, they also used to own an old mansion in Heritage.

Used to Own a Balinese Beach House in Malibu

Hawn also used to own a beautiful Balinese-inspired beach house in Malibu for many decades. Well, the house was built in the ’70s in 4,195 square feet living spaces. Moreover, the house gives you a rare view of the ocean from one of the two balconies. Apart from that, the house includes four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

The property also has a kitchen with ocean views, a wet bar, beamed ceilings, and hardwood floors. After owning the property for a long time, Hawn and her husband sold it at $9.5 million in 2013.

Cars of Goldie Hawn

Alongside purchasing various properties, the actress also bought multiple luxurious cars. Among all of her cars, she is frequently seen riding her black Audi A8 car. At the present value, the price of the Audi A8 lies in between $83,500-$93,000.

Apart from Audi A8, Hawn also owns a white-colored Tesla car. In the market, you can buy the Tesla car with a base price of $35,000. Additionally, Hawn also used to ride the Mini Cooper car which costs between $25,900 and $31,900.

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