After around four years of the Fox hit musical series, Glee went off the air, its star Naya Rivera reveals about her alleged beef with co-star Lea Michele.

Naya Rivera’s Long Run Beef With Lea Michele

The 32 years’ old actress, Naya Rivera appeared on Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, February 6, 2019. While on air, she talked about the feud she had with Glee co-actor Lea Michele.

YouTube: Naya Rivera reveals there was no beef between her and Lea Michele

One of the viewers, Robin, from Indiana, asked Rivera if she ever spoke to Michele after the incident. She also asked what her current relationship was like with Michele after the beef which is thought to start after Naya liked an engagement ring post on her Instagram.

According to Rivera, she doesn’t speak to her. But, she gushed,

Everyone sees Instagram, right?

Watch What Happens Live Host, Andy Cohen also wondered if her post was a white flag and that it indicated an end of their grudge against each other.

I don’t think there was like any beef. 

Rivera further added,

It’s a good ring (Michele’s engagement ring).

Well, this ends the beef rumors of the Glee stars. But, this is not all of what was asked in the show.

Naya Rivera Answers Worst Song Ever Sung in Glee

While many of her fans were busy in asking about her beef with Lea Michele, one of her fans asked her a controversial question. “What was the worst song ever performed on Glee?”

Rivera thought about it for a moment and later, revealed,

We had to do a Christmas song, and I’m not sure what the name of it is, but it was like very depressing. 

While she forgot the title of the song, she did remember some of its lyrics.

In the only water flowing, is the bitter stream of tears. 

She gushed,

It’s a classic. I know you know it. 

Is this the song, she is talking about?

Naya Rivera currently stars in the web series Step Up: High Water while for Lea Michele, she is a cast of the ABC series, The Mayor.