How Is Gina Tolleson’s Married Life? Know Her Wiki-Bio, Spouse, Husband, Divorce, Children, and Net Worth

Gina Tolleson married husband Alan Thicke before divorce; has children
Gina Tolleson, previous wife of Alan Thicke
Born NameGina Marie Tolleson
Birth PlaceSpartanburg, South Carolina, US
Eye ColorHazel
Zodiac SignAries
ProfessionFormer beauty pegeant
HusbandChristian Wiesenthal(m.2003), Alan Thicke(m.1994-1999)

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Celebrities marrying a beauty pageant isn’t that much of a deal in Hollywood. In fact, it’s one of the most common cliches.

Today, we will take you through the life of one such beauty who was once in a marital relationship with the late Canadian hunk, Alan Thicke. Gina Tolleson is the name that rose to even bigger prominence after she married, Alan Thicke. But what was she before that? Know from her early life to winning the Miss World 1990 and the subsequent fortune she garnered along.

How is Gina Tolleson’s Married Life?

Gina Tolleson was once in marital life with the late Canadian-American actor Alan Thicke. Tolleson’s then-husband Alan Thicke was prominent for playing Dr. Jason Seaver on the 1980s sitcom Growing Pains.

Tolleson first met Alan in 1992 while working for a foundation. At the time, Tolleson was a 22-year-old South Carolinian and a former Miss World. And on the other hand, was a dashing 45-year-old, star of the hit Growing Pains, Alan Thicke six years divorcee from his first wife, Gloria Long.

Ginna Tolleson with husband Alan Thicke
Gina Tolleson with Alan Thicke

source: Hello Canada

So how did the American beauty and the Canadian hunk hit it off in the first place? Well, while Thicke’s fans were wondering on this, Tolleson just came out of the blue saying,

He is the love of my life

And this wasn’t long after the pairs first met up. Added to that the people also noted a blush or two from Tolleson when she further gushed in 1993,

 There are no wedding plans at this point

However, it didn’t take them long to finally tie the knot on August 13, 1994. Fast forward to four years, the couple also welcomed their first child, a son, Carter William, in 1999.

Ginna Tolleson's son Carter Williams with father Alan Thicke and step mom
Gina Tolleson’s son Carter Williams with Alan Thicke and Thicke’s third wife Tanya Callau

source: Page Six

Unfortunately, the new step into the parenthood for the husband and wife didn’t turn out to be rewarding. As shortly after Tolleson became a mother, she decided to end it all with Thicke for good. And once the lovebirds finally split just after being the nesters of their first born, parents’ divorce was made final.

Aftermath of Gina Tolleson’s Divorce

Subsequently, after Gina Tolleson’s split from husband Alan Thicke, she shied away from the spotlight for the many years to come. Likewise she also never spoke as to what was the reason behind her partition with Thicke. But in 1999 to ease up the public notion, Alan opened up about the drama in an interview with people explaining,

 I think this is a disgrace

Further, he added,

We had no problems that, in my opinion, mature, committed adults shouldn’t be able to solve….a mountain of minutiae, those kinds of things—forgiveness, growth, communication—you need to master to get from the fairy tale to real life

Thicke also went onto express his greatest regret: That little Carter William would grow up in two separate homes.

We have to dedicate ourselves to making his life perfect in every way

Alan added

Except for one—he won’t know his parents together. For that, I will grieve the rest of my days

On the other hand, Tolleson eventually decided to move on this time with the now-president of an American Gravity Network PBC, Christian Wiesenthal. As to when and where the two hitched is still a very much matter of speculation. Nevertheless, the model-businessman duo always seems happy together and add to that they also share two children of their own.

Gina Tolleson’s Net Worth: How Much Is Her Fortune?

Well to say, Gina Tolleson’s career as a beauty pageant might have brought her lustrous number of projects from top glamorous brands.

Ginna Tolleson with husband Alan Thicke
Gina Tolleson with Alan Thicke

source: Famous Fix

And it should go without saying that she might have added bundle of greens from all the follow-up merchandises and endorsements. Not to mention, she also relates to A-listers from Hollywoods and business alike who sure had a big fortune to their names.

Yet as to how much amount Tolleson made from all those run-way paychecks will always be no less than a matter of bewilderment to us.

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Nonetheless, we will still leave you with rather our own stats so you can get the approach of this diva’s much to your intense desire of knowing the actual net worth of Tolleson. And so here’s our metrics.

Miss World’s Earnings and Perks

If you ever wondered how much money do the winners like Gina Tolleson make after their Miss World crown then let us tell you the title comes with a lot of money and a lot of other incentives.

The first thing that comes with the name is the headgear full of diamonds which itself worths at a staggering figure of $750,000 (yeah, yeah they ought to return it next year). Apart from this, the winner also receives a whopping sum of around $1 million.

YouTube: Miss World 1990 Crowning Gina Tolleson

Add to that, Tolleson was also entitled to travel anywhere around the world completely from the pageant’s committee sponsorship. Yes, ANYWHERE in the world! And there’s more, the winner also gets the aegis of luxury brands. This enables the diva to use the products of these brands at a totally zero cost.

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And if you still want her to picture around the bucks, you can easily choose to ignore Tolleson’s prenups with her former actor husband, who was reportedly worth at an astounding sum of $40 million. And if the case she didn’t receive some settlements or two from Thicke, there’s still one more inheritance she might be designated to. That is of her current CEO husband,  Christian Wiesenthal who should be calmly raking from $100,000 to maybe even $150,000 per year. Yet, we hope it doesn’t come to that.

Gina Tolleson’s Wiki-Bio; Early Life, Before Miss World 1990

Gina Marie Tolleson was born on March 26, 1969, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, US.

Ginna Tolleson
Gina Tolleson

source: Award Goes To

Despite the prestigious crown of the Miss World, Tolleson still kept her history to herself. As a matter of fact, even after the beauty campaign, she didn’t reveal much about her past life. It was only thanks to her marriage with Thicke after which she became the topic for many tabloids to come.

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But if she is to thanks a name that might be worth mentioning here, it will be of her coach, Mathis of CB’s Limited in Lancaster, South Carolina.

Quick Facts: Gina Tolleson

Where is Gina Tolleson originally from?

Spartanburg, South Carolina, US

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How tall is Gina Tolleson?

5 feet 9 inches