Battling against mental disease is even harder than fighting against physical illness and disorder. Television personality Gail Porter is also one of the victims of bipolar disease and Alopecia.

Porter is a strong woman who recovered from such a disease, and also with the support of her daughter as family support is essential and useful for battling illness. Let’s know more about her obstacles and struggles during her battle with the disease.

Gail’s failed Married life and Her daughter

Scottish TV personality Gail Porter is possibly single. She reveals her fears of not finding love again and ending up without marrying after splitting from Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave in late 2004. The couple separated eight months ago, but the news of their separation was kept secret.

Gail Porter and Dan Hipgrave
Caption: Gail Porter and Dan Hipgrave after their wedding ceremony in Edinburgh Registrar August 2001.

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According to Evening Standard, people called the police to their London home after a drunken fight. Porter told the Daily Mail:

“Dan and I have broken up. We separated eight months ago, but have tried to keep it quiet.”

She admitted:

“We had been together only six months when we married. I think we went into it without thinking things through.”

She posted her photo on Instagram in which she wrote: ‘I am having a lie in!’

The couple first met during a bender organized by Chris Evans after they both appeared on his TEI Friday show; later, they married in August 2001, and they have a two-year-old daughter named Honey.

Gail Porter with her daughter Honey
Caption: Gail Porter with her daughter Honey on the way to see the Disney film

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As of now, Dan Hipgrave has another wife, and they are doing everything to offer Honey stability while Gail deals with her rehabilitation. Before Dan Hipgrave, she was in a relationship with Keith Flint (1999-2000) and Huey Morgan (1999).

Porter’s battle with Alopecia and bipolar disorder

Gail Porter first suffered post-natal depression after the birth of her daughter, Honey, in 2002, which led to a subsequent suicide attempt, and in 2005 she developed Alopecia, i.e., losing her hair.

Although the hair loss, she decided not to wear any hat or wig so that she could raise awareness of that condition.
Gail explained, ‘I had a breakdown.’

“When my hair fell out, then mum died and I had a meltdown. I was just completely broken down and someone offered me “do you want to go away for six weeks and try and get your headtogether.”

Gail was excited and happy when she discovered that her hair had grown back on her head, making her feel confident enough to look for a man.

She said, “’My hair is growing back – it’s not been this thick for years and it’s because I’ve been detoxing for a few weeks now. I’m putting everything into getting healthy, and it’s really working.’

Gail Porter shows new hair recovery
Caption: Gail Porter shows new hair recovery as Alopecia appears to recede

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The happiness of the re-growth of her hair didn’t last long as her Alopecia returned, but she said she would get over it.

Gail Porter Revealed Her Daughter’s Advice

In the Mirror, she revealed her daughter’s fantastic advice for coping with bipolar disease.

Gail said,

“My daughter always says ‘count to 10 and get on with it, ‘ and I do that every single day. “When you’ve got bi-polar it’s a ticking time bomb, nothing is in perspective, and that is why I was sectioned.”

According to the Guardian, she started living with her cameraman’s boyfriend, James. By then, porter’s instability had gone from bad to worse as she was diagnosed with bipolar. James cared for Gail while she had a hard time battling the disease. Porter said there were signs during her adolescence that she suffered from bipolar disease.

According to Mail Online, she was detained for 28 days under the Mental Health Act of 2007 because her boyfriend panicked about her behavior and called the police and said, “I think she’s a danger to herself.” She spent 17 days of treatment against her will.

Despite reports, Scot insisted that she was never a sex addict. She said,

“No, not at all. I went to rehab, and I did an interview, and I mentioned SA which is a sex addicts group.”

She added, “‘I just said, “what do they all do afterward?” After discussing that they all love sex together, they might just want to hang out afterward.”

‘It went a bit mad. But I could have been labeled with something worse. Now at least I’ve got blokes winking at me and stuff. It’s not all bad.’

Gail Porter: wiki-like bio

On 23rd March 1971, Gail Porter was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. According to the Guardian, her father was a construction worker, and her mother did the accounts. She has an elder brother named Keith Porter.

She completed her schooling at Portobello High School in Edinburgh and later joined West Herts College to study BTEC HND in media production. She started her career as a presenter of television Programmes like; ‘The movie chart show,’ ‘Live and Kicking,’ ‘Top of the Pops, and so on. She became famous in 1990 when she posed for nude photographs in the magazine FHM. It was projected in the house of parliament in 1999.

Being the representative on channel 5’s “The Wright Stuff,” she appeared in reality television shows: ‘Celebrity Blind Man’s Bluff’ (2001), ‘Dead Famous’ (2004-2006) and ‘Gadget’ (2009). She served as a guest editor for Fashion Plus Magazine in 2014 and joined the “Celebrity Big Brother” house in the UK on 27th August 2015.

Though she was declared bankrupt at the high court after failing to pay debts, the former model, Porter, is estimated to be worth £3.5 million.


Gail Porter is 51 years old as of June 2022. She has a net worth of £3.5 million. Porter is single now and focusing on her life but is looking for someone to share her life with.

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