Frank Kern Wiki: A successful entrepreneur, an internet marketer, and a business consultant, Frank Kern, he’s considered ‘Guru’ in the internet market today, and there’s no one here who doesn’t know about this successful millionaire. Yes, you heard it right, he’s a multimillionaire.

Today, know his wiki, his wife, his married life, and net worth in 2018. So, if you guys don’t know about him, we’ll make sure you get everything you need to know about him. Also, see if he has any children.

Who’s Frank Kern Married to? Know About Frank Kern Wife and Married Life.

Kern is married to Natalia Muntean on New Year’s 2012, and they have been together since then. Natalia is a fitness model, and she got herself involved in fitness after being super frustrated with fatty diets. Like everyone, she started small, with two dumbells and that’s how she was introduced to bodybuilding world. (

In a short amount of time, she managed to compete in several championships and even won more than one. Moreover, she wrote a book named ‘Kill The Jiggle.’ In the book, she explains how you can get a thinner and fit body including stuff that you would need to do to live a healthy lifestyle. And considering all the facts, there’s no doubt that she is a millionaire as well as her husband, Frank.

Natalia Muntean and Frank Kern, source: cloudfront

Do Frank Kern have Children?

Yes, the power duo has a son named ‘Alexander Kern.’ However, Muntean and Kern live with three children altogether, two daughters from his ex-wife and their son. Furthermore, he has decided to keep his mouth shut about his previous marriages and their children. To this day, he has not spoken anything about their kid. A protective father, eh!

Also, he prefers to call his two bunnies and a dog named ‘Charlie Murphy’ as his kids too. In a website that he has, he writes it down saying “We have four kids, two bunnies, and a dog named Charlie Murphy.” You can check it out if you want..

Kern Family, source: hitberry

Frank Kern Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth (Early Life and Career)

Born on August 30th, 1973, he started small too as a door to door salesman in Macon, GA, for the credit card processing system. Throughout his life, he experienced a lot of rejection, but it was one point in time that he decided to buy a $272 course on how you make money from the late Cory Rudl. And it was his first decision that made him money online.

Later, he hired some writers to write an ebook, and it nearly cost him $650 to hire one. He figured that the market was huge and there’s a lot of stuff you can do on the web and make a profit out of it. And that’s what he did. His first hit was $3000 per month income stream from the ebook alone. That’s how it all started.

Frank Kern, source: peplemuku

Frank Kern Net Worth in 2018

Update on Frank Kern Net Worth. Reports suggest that Kern’s net worth is around $28 million and he’s one of the wealthiest people in IM Rich List. He launched a business in 2005 that made sales of over $1 million a year after. Also, he holds expensive live seminars about how he made money online and more. His ‘dating advice for men’ generated around $1.4 million in 4 hours.

Furthermore, his Pipeline profits email made him $3.1 million in only 24 hours. And, his most successful hit was ‘StomperNet’ that generated around $18 million in under 24 hours. There’s more to the story than what we mentioned above. These are the stuff that we know about him. Probably, there’s stuff that we don’t know and maybe he’s making more money in 2018 than ever. We’ll soon figure everything out and let you guys know all.