Who does not know internet marketing Guru? But, now he has set his hair back into short spikes since 2012. Yes, we are talking about Frank Kern, sought as a successful entrepreneur, internet marketer, and business consultant from the US.

Mostly, he is acknowledged as the guru in today’s internet marketing era. You might be familiar with his professional career, but how many of you know about his personal life? Is Frank Kern Married?

Let’s recall Frank Kern’s married life, net worth as per profession, early life, education, and everything right below. Scroll down to know:

Who is Frank Kern Married to? Is He Still With His Wife Or Divorce? Any Children?

Standing tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches, Kern is an aspiring motivator in realms of the complicated market structure. Kern sounds as influencing personality when he preaches internet marketing courses.

43 years old frank is a married man. Kern is much more inclined towards work that he had kept his personal life detached from the limelight. There is no account of dating history, marriage life, and their children’s name. He has successfully concealed private life from Medias.

However, he had posted a status on his Facebook page about getting married to his wife, Natalia Muntean. And it is known to the media that he is married and has three children but sadly he did not reveal everything in detail.

Moreover, the couple is together for years without any divorce rumor. They are living a happy married life with their children.

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In flood in Macon, Ga, he had lost everything. It was the year of 1944. He settled in single-wide trailer Milledgeville, Ga.

It was empty except for plywood floors, a peach crate for a table and a mattress on the floor to sleep on. Kern made $4.25 an hour in a Greek fast food restaurant and worked for a cousin in a used car sales lot.

Frank Kern’s Net worth

Well, all know that Kern is an aspiring motivator in realms of the complicated market structure. He has been influencing a huge number of people and people are quite happy to hear everything about him.

Well, speaking of Frank Kern’s net worth, his net worth is estimated to be around $28 million. His internet business career has helped him to maximum to earn such a huge amount of money.

Likewise, Kern’s salary is around $ 1.4 million. He is gathering huge fame and name from his work.

Early life and Education of Frank Kern

Born on 13 August 1973, Kern attended Bucknell University and then went on to study at Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management. But, he did not continue his formal education and halted it at the moment.

Frank Kern in blonde surfer hairstyle

Kern never thought that he would make something big, one day. Somehow, his extensive dedication in work field dragged him to become President of Internet. Now he is renown all over the world. People fetch for his ideas, conclusion, and plan of action in their dream framework.

Early career of Frank Kern

In the initial phase, Kern started out as the salesman; walking door to door, counseling buyers into products for credit card processing systems in Macon, GA. Most of the people fail at the first attempt so did Kern.

Frank kern
Frank Kern

However, he did not stop trying.  Around this time, he borrowed some Tony Robbins tapes (Personal Power) from his step-father.

Kern molded his insecure intentions in such a way that he would see himself on the top notched position within marketing spaces. He was eagerly anticipating enormous reward from shaping up mindset.

Thus, he grasped an idea of making money online via different sources. In the process, he purchased a book from late Cory Rudl that cost him $297 and executed few guidelines for a single product. Consequently, he introspected bit of positive values from the research and inclined towards further motivation.

Achievement story

Kern success story initiated through “Teach your parrot to talk” book. He hired an author from elance to write on “Teach your parrot to talk” book.

After extensive research on keyword, he discovered that the market he was investing in would probably retract revenue. So, he wrote the ad in advance, promising everything a parrot owner could want, after finding of a guy, who have been benefited from the same business.

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It cost him $650 to hire the writer and built a $3,000/month income stream from this eBook alone.

With eye-catching revenue, Frank dug in for other pets. Kern created a course, where he could automatically create a different website for every diff breed of dog (600). Since he had worked with dogs in bygone days, he knew that he would have a great incentive for it.

Furthermore, he constructed ads for each breed of dog, offering the same book with 600 different websites – one per dog breed. In 2015, he launched the business and went on to make sales of over $1 million in 2006. Over a year, his role model shaped up within elevated ROI (return on investment).

Frank Kern as Marketing Guru

Life is much more about exploring in the course of time. Frank further instigated that he had loved teaching people; assist them in opening up start-ups and mentoring them to adapt to market premises. After that, he sold the dog business after two years and pivoted in flourishing his mantras by online money making techniques.

Moreover, his info products typically sell for $1997, a figure that has become almost a standard ticket price for top internet marketing product launches. Frank regularly entices curious marketers around, where he commands up to $25,000 per ticket.

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Now, his business space comprises of just two employees- videographer and bookkeeper. Though the outlook for his business seems powerless with two staff deployment, he has made a lot of money from the online platform. Now, he earns $ 18.3 million a day.