Media especially social media is a great platform for artists, social activists, celebrities, entertainer and other different personalities to connect to the world. Many people earn their living as a host, presenter, Youtuber in such media. Among them, Franchesca Ramsey is a name not to be forgotten in the American entertainment industry.

She has always been vocal about the prevailing social and cultural issues and entertained us. But what about her? Most of her followers want to know what black beauty is doing behind the camera. Don’t you? That’s why we have brought you some information about her personal life such as her wikis like bio, marriage, husband, age, height, salary, net worth and the likes.

How is Franchesca Ramsey’s married life? Has she divorced her husband? 

Chescaleigh is happily married to Patrick Kondas. Patrick is a lawyer. Franchesca Ramsey and her husband were married in 2013. Despite their happy married life, she and her husband have been a topic of controversy for the public. But why? We all know that Franchesca is a social activist who generally addresses racism issues on her Youtube channel.

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Now the people are asking a question,” Why is she married to a white guy then?” Well, it’s absurd and utterly disgusting. But it is good to know that these irrelevant comments about their marriage aren’t hampering them.

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Caption: Nice one, Franchesca and her husband Patrick at their wedding.

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The multi-professional woman does not have any children yet, but it has not stopped her critics from making jokes about her unborn child. Really??? Who does that? It’s a shame that people are still not over with their interracial marriage.

Her would-be biracial kid should never have been a topic of discussion.  By the way, she has been addressing about biracial kids in her youtube videos and social media.

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When you are a social activist, and you raise critical issues then surely people will take sides and talk about you. Franchesca has understood this, and she won’t be interfering her personal life with her professional career.

Franchesca’s Career, From YouTube To Television

Also known as Chescaleigh, Franchesca is an American television and youtube personality, writer, actress, and activists. Multi-Professional beauty is famous in many fields, but her career should always thank Youtube.

She started her career as a youtube blogger addressing social and cultural issues. Her videos include topics such as racism, sexism and student problems.

Franchesca’s career as a YouTuber reached a new height in January of 2012. Her video “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls” gained over 1.5 Million views in 24 hours. You can watch it here:

Caption: Franchesca Ramsey  “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls” gained over 1.5 Million views in 24 hours.

She has accumulated 243K followers on her youtube channel and is one of the leading Youtuber globally. The American also has another youtube channel called “chescalocs” which is about natural hair. She became the host of MTV web series “Decoded.”

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After her success as a YouTuber, she also joined a television career.  She joined Comedy Central’s “The nightly show with Larry Wilmore” as a contributor and writer in early 2016. She also has an appearance in television series such as “Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell” and “Broad City.”

Franchesca Ramsey Wiki-Like Bio

Franchesca was born on 29th November 1983 in West Palm Beach, Florida. She lives in New York, and her age is 33 now. The youtube star seems to convey only professional issues to the public as her personal life is always in the limelight.

She hasn’t revealed her height nor has she leaked it. Her early life memories have also been kept in mystery. Only she or maybe her manager knows her net worth and salary. The ever-smiling woman seems to hide everything, but we will let you know later soon after we get it.