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Tired With your forgetting habit: Top 5 Tips to Stop Forgetfulness

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Do you have a memory problem? According to research, many people have memory problem due to the disorder of thyroid, kidney or liver. Other problems like stress, tension, depression may lead to dementia. If you are students and you forget to prepare notes. If you work in an office and you fail to remember to make your presentation slides, or you forget to meet people. Are these things happening to you? Don’t worry we are here to prevent you from forgetting habits.

  1. Do meditation or yoga

    Caption: Yoga and meditation helps to keep your mind fresh and healthy

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    One of the main reasons of memory loss is due to your hectic schedule and tension. Negative thoughts and stress may lead to forgetting things. So, Relax. Take a long breath and do meditation in the morning for 10 minutes. After that take rest for 15 min and start doing yoga. It helps to keep your mind fresh and contribute to avoiding negative thoughts.

  2. Eat healthy foods

    Caption: Eat healthy foods to keep your mind on charging mode

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    Make a time table for eating healthy foods. In the morning have tea with bread and jam after an hour, have snacks like nuts, grain, beans. Eat healthy food which covers vitamin B, Protein, Nutrition, and Calcium in your body.

  3. Prepare to do list

    Caption: Make a to do list to remember events and schedules

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    One of the easiest methods to remember events and schedule is to prepare to do list. You may divide the list into two categories: Most important and less important. Before going to bed make a list of your tomorrow schedule. When you get up, you see the list and do as accordingly.

  4. Set reminders for important work

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    You forget things due to your hectic schedule. You have messed up a schedule of your work. Therefore, in your mobile phone, set a reminder for the important job, so that it will remind you about the task.

  5. Visualize in the form of story

    Caption: Visualize in order to create a new story

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    If you are students or professionals, then this may help you out to remember things. We know you may have a problem to remember points or paragraph of any topic. Don’t worry. Just form it as a story than you will recall them correctly.

    Forgetting habits may ruin your life. It may lead to short term memory loss in future. Pay attention to one particular work then go to next. Don’t rush and don’t try to do multitasking work. So train your brain by playing memory games, cross words, etc. It helps to sharpen your mind and enable you to remember things. Do exercise daily, eat healthy foods which contain nutrition, keep records of your schedule, and note it down what you want to memorize.

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