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If you’ve been following the news, then you might surely know ongoing protest for the kill of George Floyd. 

George Floyd, a black American from the state of Minnesota, died in a suspicious circumstance after a Minneapolis based police-man kneeled on his neck until he took his last breath.

A boxing star recently is assumed to be covering all the funeral expenses for late George, who passed on a week ago after police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled and knelt him to death with three other police officers. 

Following the untimely death, protests sparked all over America for over a week now. Sources have hinted at Casino Online Energycasino that a former all-time world boxing champion is involved in the burial preparations of Floyd. Further, it is said that the star is willing to cover all the expenses. 

The contribution has sparked a lot of allegations from netizens that they were related to the deceased in some way or had some blood ties.  

Further allegations have emerged that back in 2011, the boxing champion was involved in paying funeral contributions for a former boxing star, one Genaro Hernandez, who had succumbed to cancer for 47 years.

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We surely admire the contribution made by Floyd regarding such time in need. This is not the first time Floyd is heard for his charity works as previously to he’s been recognized for philanthropy works.

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