Is FlightReacts in a Relationship; Know His Dating Affairs and Also His Net Worth

FlightReacts's net worth is $750,000
Born NameClarence Javelli
Birth PlaceWashington, DC
Height5 feet 8 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Zodiac SignLeo
Net Worth$750,000
Weight62 kg
Age24 years old
DatingDanielle McQueen, (Ex- Ti Taylor and Ariel Diaz)

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From working two jobs in the fast-food industry to a famous internet sensation, FlightReacts turned his life long love of performing into YouTube alchemy. His skits and comic style of handling conversations make him a splendid personality loved by all.

The star is passionate about what he does and has also gathered a considerable sum of money through his career. So, without any delay, let’s dig into Flight’s personal and professional life.

FlightReacts’ Personal Life

Apart from FlightReacts’ fabulous career in the online platform, he is quite stable in terms of flaunting his love life on social media. So, check out who is the current eye-catcher in Flight’s life.

Current Relationship

Talking about Flight’s current relationship, he is supposedly in a relationship with a woman named Danielle McQueen who often features in FLIGHT’s videos.

It’s kind of true that when two broken hearts meet, then an honest love story begins. That’s what happened with the love birds, Flight and Danielle, as both of them lost their loved ones.

Danielle lost her first love, Sheldon, a few years back and still posts pictures of him on her Instagram account stating that she still misses him. Likewise, in one of Flight’s videos, he spoke of the trauma he faced after losing someone very important. However, the mystery behind that very important person is not revealed yet.

Most of Flight and Danielle’s fans, however, have a separate theory regarding their relationship. Some say that they’re just friends, or friends w/ Benefits, or they only had a fling.

In fact, just two days back, Flight posted one YouTube videos, titled LET’S HAVE A BABY RIGHT NOW PRANK ON MY CRUSH! (GETS REAL SPICY!), where he was seen being cozy with some other girl and also kissing her passionately.

Flight’s video is creating a lot of buzz among his fans. Moreover, some of his supporters even called him out by saying, at this point, everybody is his crush. So, whether Flight posted that video as a part of his profession of being a YouTuber or if he really has a crush on that woman is still unknown.

Past Relationship

Previously, Flight was dating the Social media influencer and rapper, TI Taylor. She is an Instagram phenomenon, with more than 2 million followers.

Flight also had a serious relationship with Ariel Diaz, another YouTuber and the former couple even ran a YouTube channel together. Ariel is also a fantastic cosmetic illusionist and post pictures of her many makeup tutorials on her Instagram account.

The actual reason for break up behind the pair is not known. However, after Flight’s split-up with Ariel, he left their joint YouTube account and created his individual second YT channel with the name, FLIGHT Reacts.

FlightReacts’ Net Worth

With FlightReacts’ great career, he also amassed immense wealth for himself. Know more about his net worth and achievements


The net worth of Flight Reacts as of 2019 is $750,000. In fact, he made $11,752 last month and $1,824 last week through his YouTube advertising revenue, based on his Channel’s audience. Correspondingly, his total subscribers on YT platform is 2,626,041.

On average, the YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1,000 ads views. This equates to $3 – $5 per 1000 video views. So, there’s no doubt that FlightReacts is relishing a good life with all the fortune that he’s earning.


FLIGHT launched his channel ‘NotYourAverageFlight’ on June 8, 2013. His first video was ‘NBA 2K13 My Team Austin Rivers Explosivenes’. Similarly, after some time, he began posting more NBA video games on the channel.

Soon Flight began gaining subscribers, and within a few years’, his subscriber count crossed 660,000. However, the YouTuber actually started his YouTube channel in 2013 as a means to relieve himself of depression and anger.

YouTube: My 1st Youtube Video REACTION!!!

FlightReacts partnered with EA Sports under their game-changer program. Two of the most-watched videos of FLIGHT’s channel are ‘I Found My Wife! Best Funny Lizzza Vine ‘and ‘IRL Basketball Workout! My Worst Shooting Day Ever’.

FLIGHT, likewise, also created his second channel, titled ‘FLIGHT Reacts’ on September 20, 2015. The channel features numerous reaction videos based on everyday events occurring in society.

FlightReacts’ Body Measurements

Having a height of 5 ft 8 inches and a weight of 62 kg, FlightReacts’ body features are remarkable which goes well with his erotic light brown eyes and dark curly black hair.

FlightReacts: Quick Facts

  • Real Name: Clarence Javelli
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Date of Birth: August 7, 1995
  • Place of Birth: Washington, DC
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black

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