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Know Felix Kjellberg’s Net Worth and Income in 2017. Also Know His Career as YouTuber!

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PewDiePie is the name that made Felix Kjellberg. He is the one to get famous in YouTube by making videos related to games and also he reviews games. Born in the year 1989, he created his YouTube channel back in the year 2010. Back in that time, he never thought to be this famous. Back then, his subscribers were his friends and families only. Today in this column, we will be discussing about Felix Kjellberg’s net worth and income in 2017 and also about his career.

PewDiePie’s Net Worth and Income in 2017

If you are searching who might be the highest earner from YouTube, Felix is the one. In the year 2015, his annual income was estimated to be $12 million. But, as of 2017, we estimate his earnings from YouTube to be around $14.5 million annually. As his channel has more than 4 million subscribers, this income is parallel.

Talking about his net worth, some wiki sites disclosed it being around $61 million. Guys, this amount is not small, as it is more than 1.5 times more than Hillary Clinton. Most of his income goes to enjoyment and also for his team. Recently, he mentioned about hiring a product assistant in his team. And he also shared a video in which we can see his new Ferrari.

Felix’s Career as YouTube Sensation

Felix is interested in video games since his childhood. Once he mentioned about bunking class just to play games. Thus, to get more idea about games, he joined Chalmers University of Technology.

As he grew, his interest in video games also increased. Then in the year 2010, he created a YouTube channel and named it as PewDiePie. He started adding videos about games and also started commenting on latest games. Back then, as his income was nil, he also worked for hot dogs centre and made some money.

In the year 2011, his channel hit 60,000 subscribers. In 2013, his channel’s videos hit 1.3 billion views in total. In the same year, he also made debut in iPhone app store. You might not believe it, but he holds a record in Guinness Book. As of 2016, he was titled as ‘Channel with most subscribers on YouTube.’

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