The Youngest Social Media Personality, Everleigh Soutas Bio: Parents, Family, Age, & Net Worth!

Everleigh Soutas Wiki, Bio, YouTube, Parents, Age, Height
Everleigh Soutas
Born NameEverleigh Soutas
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Height3 feet 5 inches
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Age6 years
ParentsSavannah Soutas-Labrant and Step father- Cole Labrant

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Many individuals spend their life to become famous, and some become famous from their birth. Similar is the case with Everleigh Soutas. Everleigh is a 6-year-old internet sensation who is famous in various social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, It is remarkable to see a child of such small age do so well on her videos and pictures.

Everleigh is a very talented girl who poses like a seasoned model while taking pictures. She often features in her YouTube vlogs, videos and in Instagram photos with her friend and her parents who are also social media personal. So, explore Everleigh Soutas Age, Bio, Wiki, Parents, Dad,  and YouTube.

Everleigh Soutas Instagram and YouTube

The social life of the very talented Everleigh started from a very early age. She started her career with the help of her mom Savannah through Instagram. Till now she amassed 3.6 million followers in her account named “Everleigh Rose.” Everleigh often posts pictures of herself showcasing her wardrobe collection and also the picture of her family.

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Everleigh also shares a joint Instagram account named “ForEverAndForAva” with her childhood buddy Ava Folley. The account has more than 1million followers.

Similarly, the 6-year-old Everleigh also runs a YouTube channel named “EVERLEIGH OPENS TOYS” which is also very much popular among her followers. She releases videos on various topics ranging from opening toys to making vlogs with her family members.

Caption: Everleigh Soutas getting ready for kindergarten 

The YouTube account got a very big number of fans as well. Everleigh’s channel has well over 2 million subscribers. The Little star earns a lot of money from YouTube. According to Socialblade, Everleigh earns $3.6k-$57.5k monthly and earns $43.1k-$689.6k yearly.

As a matter of fact, Everleigh makes a better income than another YouTuber Laura Lee. According to Socialblade, Laura Lee makes a monthly earning between $2k-$32.6k and a yearly earning between $24.5k-$391.2k.

The little girl who is just 6-years old is already a famous person, and she also earns a lot of money through her various social media accounts and brand endorsement.

Everleigh Soutas Parents

Everleigh lives with her mother and step-father. Her Mother is also a social media star who goes by the name Savannah Soutas-Labrant. Savannah is the one who made her daughters account and started posting a picture of her little girl.

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She may not have thought that her daughter would be so famous in the beginning. However, the identity of her physical father is still not known.

Caption: Everleigh Soutas waiting for the Christmas with mother

Luckily, Everleigh has found an even more loving step-father named Cole Labrant. Cole is also a very famous social media personal. Apart from being a great person, he is also a great dad who takes care of Everleigh as one of his own.

It seems like the social media stardom runs in their family from the bottom to the top.

Everleigh Soutas Wiki facts

Everleigh Rose Soutas known as Everleigh Soutas was born in 2012. She was born and raised in California. December 14 was the date when the little star joined the family of her mother.

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Everleigh is currently studying at the elementary level of the local school in her hometown. The name of the school is unfamiliar until now.

As in 2018, Everleigh is busy in spending time with her family and friends. As well as on making videos and photos for her fans in different social sites