Having the whole family into the same profession is on one hand a joy while on the other hand, it also has its drawbacks. Eugenia Khirivskaya‘s whole family is in the movie and television industry and they are faring well so far.

She being an actress, Khirivskaya’s husband is a director, screenwriter and producer while her daughter is also an actress. Having a successful career together, how successful is she in her marital relationship with her husband? Furthermore, who are the lucky husband and their daughter? Let’s find the details.

Who is Eugenia Khirivskaya? 

Born as Evgenia Vladimirovna Khirivskaya on 3 September 1981 in Moscow, Russia, Eugenia Khirivskaya is a Russian actress who appears both in films and television. She has been active in this industry since 2000 and so far, her acting credit is 25.


Khirivskaya is also known as Evgenia Brik. For her stage name, she chose the surname Brik in honor of her paternal great-grandmother, Sofia Brik. Eugenia’s father is Vladimir Hirivskiy and she also has a sister, Valeriya Khirivskaya. 

Eugenia Khirivskaya is Married; Who is Her Husband?

Eugenia Khirivskaya is a married woman and her husband is none other than Valery Todorovsky. Khirivskaya’s spouse, Todorovsky is a Russian film director, screenwriter as well as television producer. So, when did the star-couple tie the knot?

Eugenia Khirivskaya and her husband, Valery Todorovsky. Source: Russian Personalities

Valery and his wife, Eugenia exchanged the wedding vows in 2006 which means they have been married for over thirteen years now. Like in real life, the duo made a perfect actress-director combination in some movies.

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As of now, Khirivskaya and her life partner, Valery are the parents of a daughter. Thy welcomed their only child, Zoya Todorovskaya in the year 2009. As a matter of fact, Eugenia’s daughter, Zoey also made her acting debut from the 2016 Netflix original series, The OA as young Prairie Johnson. 

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Besides, Eugenia has 52.5k followers on Instagram where she frequently posts the photos of her husband and daughter. Her posts and captions are crystal clear evidence of the successful family life.

How Much is Eugenia Khirivskaya’s Net Worth?

Eugenia Khirivskaya has a net worth of $2 million as of 2019. She collected her fortune from her acting career in films, television as well as tv movies.


In her husband, Valery Todorovsky directorial movie, Vice (2007), Khirivskaya played the role of Taya. Likewise, another movie, Hpsters (2008), directed again by Todorovsky, featured Eugenia as Katya. 

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In addition, Khirivskaya portrayed Bella in the $9 million budget movie, Yoki 1914. Furthermore, she played various roles in movies like Dark World: Equillibrium (2013), The Geographer Drank His Globe Away (2013), Moscow Never Sleeps (2015), Friday (2016), and so on.

Concerning her television appearances, Eugenia played 17 episodes as Marina in Adaptatsiya in 2017. Similarly, she also appeared in 12 episodes of Matrioshki as Kalinka. Furthermore, she also played one episode in each of The Romanoffs, The Optimists, Vyzov, etc.

Body Measurements of Eugenia Khirivskaya

Eugenia Khirivskaya stands with a height of 5 feet 7 inches and her weights suits her well. Moreover, she never fails to look gorgeous in her light blonde hair and brown eyes.

Quick Facts About Eugenia Khirivskaya

Where is the birthplace of Eugenia Khirivskaya?

Moscow, Russia

Which nationality does Eugenia Khirivskaya belong to?


How tall is Eugenia Khirivskaya?

5 feet 7 inches

What color are the eyes of Eugenia Khirivskaya?


What is the hair color of Eugenia Khirivskaya?


What is the zodiac sign of Eugenia Khirivskaya?