Most celebrities who focus on career building and professional life usually don’t have any dating partner or boyfriend. And some of them prefer to have only one relationship.

In the case of American actor, singer and songwriter Ester Dean, people are questioning her sexuality. Rumors about her being a lesbian have surfaced throughout social media lately. So ‘Are the rumors true?’ Or is she looking for a boyfriend? Let’s dig in deeper to be familiar with her personal life:

Ester Dean: Is She a Lesbian in Real Life too?

Have you watched the hit movie Pitch Perfect of the year 2012? Then you must have noticed Ester Dean, who has portrayed the role of a lesbian Cynthia Rose.

People consider Ester a lesbian even in her real life. We can say this is the effect of her outstanding performance in her lesbian role in the movie. She has not married yet and is currently single.

Ester Dean in the movie "Pitch Perfect"
Ester Dean in the movie “Pitch Perfect.”

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She proved the people wrong as she is completely straight and very different from her character in the movie. In an interview, she said:

Well, you know, me and Alexis got it on a couple of times, you know. Like,  get in your character, you know? I’ve been after boys for a long time,  I’ve been doing that for like, 20 years anyway, so it all worked out

Also, she described her lesbian role as Cynthia Rose in the film Pitch Perfect.

Caption: Ester Dean in an interview with Hana Mae Lee on October 4, 2012.

Ester Dean: Dating a Boyfriend!

Ester Dean seems busy with her career development, which is why she is not dating any boyfriend. Or we can say that she is searching for a perfect boyfriend.

Famous star Beyonce has helped her get her dating life together by giving some valuable advice and tips. Ester said:

Beyoncé just sat down with me and told me how to get a man and what I should do. I told her all my man goals. She had me figure out what I wanted in a boyfriend. It’s so crazy, ’cause everything I told her I wanted, that’s what my boyfriend is

Ester continued:

She would be a great relationship counselor. She told me to go on, [she said] if you’ve been single for too long, get into the habit of speaking to the opposite sex. After so long, speaking to a man could be uncomfortable in a personal way. When speaking to people who might be interested in you, you tend to clam up if you haven’t practiced

There is no rumor of Ester Dean having a boyfriend, but she tweeted something back in 2012.

Caption: Ester Dean speaks about her new boyfriend, 30 September 2012.

Ester is single at present and has not tied the knot with her husband. She has not revealed any information about her boyfriend. Nor has she talked about her plans of getting married to her husband.

We hope the wedding bells will soon ring in the life of Ester. At the moment, the lady is focused on her career rather than her dating life, so she has kept all her romantic and intimate relationship details to herself.

Ester Dean’s Wiki-Bio:

Esther Renay Dean took her first breath on April 15, 1982, in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Her 2009 single Drop, It Low, has featured singer Chris Brown. She has also co-written songs for countless artists containing Rihanna, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, and many others.

Ester contributed to the soundtrack for the animated film Rio by Blue Sky Studios in 2011. As a producer on Rihanna’s album Loud, she got nominated for Album of the Year at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. She gave her voice to two of the characters in the fourth film in the Ice Age franchise, Ice Age: Continental Drift, by writing a song for the movie titled We Are (Family).

Ester Dean is an American actress, singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer who successfully earned a high salary by performing in the hit film Pitch Perfect & popular single Drop It Low, featured by Chris Brown in 2009. All of that has resulted in a net worth of $24 million.