Shelley Smith Never Disclosed Her Relationship
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Why Shelley Smith Never Disclosed Her Relationship? Know If She is Married Or is Dating Someone?

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Journalist profession itself justifies who they are and their nature of work. They are in front of the public every next day. In such case, it is hard to keep personal life a secret.

Shelley Smith one of the sports journalist who appears in the television demonstrating about various games. Despite she has managed to keep her private life secret. Many of her fans are desperate to know her relationships like Is she married or single? Who is her husband? And much more.

We are here to answer your all question, let’s dig into the article to know more.

Shelley Smith has a daughter but is she married!

Shelley Smith is an American correspondent who is currently working for ESPN SportsCenter. Like another journalist, we can also count her as well in the list who prefer their personal detail to be low-key. They like to discuss their professional life but not personal life.

Shelly Smith of espn
Caption : Shelley Smith sports correspondent during her work .

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You all must be wondering she is the mother of a daughter but how. Shelley Smith has one daughter named Dylann Tharp. At that time when Smith worked as a sports reporter for the San Francisco Examiner in the late 80s, and she was pregnant after that editor decided she would watch television and write a sports media column.

Caption: Shelley Smith with her daughter Dylann Tharp during film show.

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In an interview, she recalls how she used to work after her daughter was born at that time.

“I have pictures of her sitting on my lap as I’m typing away on a story”

She again recalls how her daughter reacts on watching games on television, her daughter says.

“If someone wins, do you have to go somewhere? After having it explained, Dylann admits she’d cheer for the team that affected an outcome to where her mom didn’t have to leave.”

She used to take her daughter along with her and she is glad that her daughter never complained about busy time line.

She adds,

“She’s always been curious and adaptable. She’d bring her Barbies along and play with them off to the side. If she got tired, she’d pull a couple of chairs together and fall asleep. She never complained.”

She is attached to her mother also . Her bond with her lovely mother is strong . Recently , she celebrated her mother’s birthday and wished her through twitter.

She is a single mother but the question is still mysterious who is she married to. She hasn’t revealed about her married life yet. May be her married life isn’t so happening which is why she doesn’t want to remember and talk about it.

She also hasn’t revealed about her dating history, husband, boyfriends and past affairs and relationships. Hope she would have the happy life with her loving mother and charming daughter. At the moment she is possibly single.

How she fought back to cancer ?

Shelley Smith with positive thought fought back her cancer. She found herself with uterine, skin and breast cancer during 2014. She is among one them who have survived cancer.

Caption : Shelley Smith fights back to cancer.

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In an interview, she revealed her biggest fear was telling her parents about cancer, but she shared with her daughter Dylann.

“I told Dylann right away. To me, it was, ‘Let’s get through it.’ But she really did suffer a lot.”

Dylann recalls how she was feeling after listening to that horrible news. She says,

“She and I have been – and I hate to use this phrase – but we’re thick as thieves,” said Dylann. “I felt very helpless. All those times she’d take me to McDonald’s after I lost a soccer game, and now … she was much more the provider.”

Caption : Shelley Smith telling her story about her Cancer. 

Early diagnosis of cancer helps to have a positive vision. After extensive chemotherapy, she cured cancer and returned to ESPN in April 2015. I think you all are happy to know she survived from cancer but must be wondering what her net worth is? Here we are to tell her net worth.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t revealed any information about her net worth. Shelley Smith is not the only sports reporter, but she is also an author of two books: “Just Give Me the Damn Ball! “and “Games Girls Play: Lessons to guiding and Understanding Young Female Athletes.”

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