The Tragic Demise of Erik Roner; Here’s the Cause of His Death!

Erik Roner faced a tragic accident in 2015 and lost his life.
Eric Roner ready for sky-diving. Source: Newsschoolers
Born NameErik Roner
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
Height6 feet 1 inch
Zodiac SignScorpio
ProfessionSkier and Base Jumper
WifeAnnika Roner Dahl
Age39 years old (died)
SiblingChris Roner and Brooke Zaugg

Sports often is a matter of life and death. People create huge name and fame in the field but there are many like Erik Roner, who happen to lose their life itself.

Late Erik Roner was a professional sports athlete, a skier, and a Base jumper. So, how did once a hero happened to be only a memory today? Let us go into each little detail behind Roner’s sad demise.

Love Took Him Out

The 39-year-old skier died on the field where he was best at. He was skydiving at a celebrity golf event at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Resort, hosted by The Squaw Valley Institute on 28, September 2015.

YouTube: A tribute video made by the Locals remembering the legend skier Erik Roner

While Roner’s teammates landed safely around the ninth hole, he could not make his last dive count. Unfortunately, he mistimed and got slammed and dangled into a tree above 30 feet while landing and left the world on the spot itself.

In spite of 15 years experience in skydiving, Roner endured a serious misjudgment during the event that took his life. In addition to that, many attended the event and witnessed the horrific tragedy that occurred. Despite many present, there was nothing anyone could do since everything happened within a blink of an eye.

People tried in a different manner possible to rescue him, be it with ladders or also stand on one another. Sadly, there was no rescue protocol for such kind of unfortunate circumstance but following the tragedy, there certainly will be.

In an interview earlier his demise, Roner took time to open up regarding the risk involved in the sector. He said that they don’t try for impossible stuff but at times they tend to push themselves beyond limit even if it could hurt them.

Another One Bites the Dust

Everybody is aware of the fact that the skydiving sport holds a tremendous amount of risk. The Rubberneck is not the first one to lose his life in a dangerous sport and was surely not the last.

Roner joins the long list of skiers to lose life in skydiving. To be particular, skier Shane McConkey, Davo Karnicar, and Sam Beal were the ones to lose life in the field as Erik, reflects the serious threat that lies in sky-diving.

Leaves a Beautiful Wife and Two Little Angels

The 39-year-old tied the knot in 2009 with the gorgeous Annika Roner Dahl on October 10, 2009. The duo shared a dream wedding ceremony at Lake Tahoe. Following the incident, Annika remembered his husband saying he was a beautiful man, wonderful friend, great father, and the love of her life.

Besides his amazing wife, he also leaves his two little children, son Oskar Roner, and daughter Kasper Roner behind. The kids were just 5 and 3 respectively when he passed away.

On-Screen for a Decade

The late athlete also featured in different on-screen credits with a total of 19 appearances in documentary and series. He started his television career from 2002 until his death.

Particularly. he is best known for his role in MTV‘s miniseries titled Nitro Circus Series (2009-2015) alongside Jolene Van Vugt and Travis Pastrana.

Quick Facts: Eric Roner

  • Erik Roner’s mother was a skier herself and was the reason why he got into skiing at a young age.
  • He holds a degree in graphic designing.
  • Roner dreamt to be a soccer player and used to play for Brigham Young University.
  • Not only Erik and his mother but his brother, Chris Roner also is from a sports background as a former soccer player.

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