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Erica Mena’s Dating History: Rapper Boyfriends and Girlfriends

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We all know the drama queen, rapper Erica Mena’s love affair with Bow Wow, however, sometimes her dating life confuses us. As she has an interesting historical past of relationships, we have a query for her: Why do you only have rappers in relationship data? She is seen together with one rapper at some point and subsequent the other time. Generally with a man and typically with a woman. This thing surely gets your head round if she is homosexual; Lesbian or Straight forward? Looking back to her dating history, we found it to be interesting. Not just boyfriends, she also had relations with girls. Let’s tour through Erica Mena Dating History and find out number of boyfriends and girlfriends.

Erica Mena Dating History: Boyfriends

We do not have a clue from where to start! She have dating history with a number of rappers.

John David Jackson (Fabolous)

erica mena and john david jackson
erica mena and john david jackson | source:

The primary title on our dating history is rapper John David Jackson, commonly known as Fabolous. We don’t precisely know after they began courting and the way they ended their love life, however their relationship goes back again to 2000s when Mena was not so popular. At the moment, John is dating stylist Emily Bustamante, while Erica already moved on to numerous different folks.

Raashaun Casey (DJ Envy)

erica mena and Raashaun Casey
erica mena and Raashaun Casey | source:

After breaking relationship with Fabolous, she was seen with Raashaun Casey, known as DJ Envy. There isn’t any info relating to the start and split of their relationship, however it’s a recognized indisputable fact that they dated for some time within the early 2000s. At the moment, DJ Envy married Fia Casey, the anchor of Breakfast Club.

Kejuan Muchita (Havoc)

erica mena and Kejuan Muchita
erica mena and Kejuan Muchita | source:

Next she was seen with yet another rapper named Kejuan Muchita, commonly known as Havoc. Once more no data relating to their relationship historical past, however Erica denies having sexual relationship with the rapper Havoc and his crewmate.

Scott Storch (Music Producer)

erica mena and Scott Storch
erica mena and Scott Storch | source:

Erica and Scott were in relationship for a while round 2005-2006. The explanation behind the end of relationship is still unknown. At the moment, he is single, however he has two kids.

Raul Conde (Father of King)

Raul is seemingly the daddy of Erica’s son named King. The dating time was not so pleasant for them. Erica was found beating Raul on street, of which video was viral.

Richard Trowers (Rich Dollaz)

erica mena and richard trowers
erica mena and richard trowers | source:

Richard and Erica dated in 2012-2013 for approx. a year. Well again, there are no rumours, gossips and news about when they start dating and when the relationship ended.

Lionel Pickens (Chinx Drugz)

erica mena and lionel pickens
erica mena and lionel pickens | source:

In the list of boyfriends, there is one more rapper, Lionel Pickens well known as Chinx Drugz. Their relationship started in 2013. Their relationship came to an end when Chinx was killed while taking pictures and driving.

Shad Moss (Bow Wow)

erica mena and shad moss
erica mena and shad moss at the time of engagement

The most well-known love affair Erica ever had is considered to be with Shad Moss who is also known as Bow Wow. They began courting in 2014. The duos merely were in relation for six months earlier than getting engaged. They split in the end of 2014.

Erica Mena Dating History: Girlfriends

Talking about her girlfriends, Erica has dated only two girls so far. They are Cyn Santana and Trina.

Cyn Santana

erica mena and cyn santana
erica mena and cyn santana | source:

Mena was seen dating Santana, which confirmed her to be Lesbian. But as she also had relationship with boys, she is categorized as Bisexual. They began their relationship in 2013. Sadly, their end up in 2014. However Erica still loves Cyn and indicates it freely.

Trina (Hip Hop Bi**h)

erica mena and trina
erica mena and trina | source:

Well, not just Santana, she also had relationship with female rapper named Trina. It is likely to be simply rumours or actuality, however they have been seen snuggling collectively and even shared a photograph.

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