A celebrity suffers when the journalism skills of a journalist are lacking. Similar is the case what happened to Eric Allan Kramer who was a victim of a hoax that claims him married, single dad and father to a kid. Eric Allan Kramer was currently busy addressing the rumors about his married life and having kids. He is already a man secretive enough which caused the international celebrity sites to get his facts wrong. Erin being the honest man he is, confronted the rumors of his marriage and kids openly with a sense of humor.

But what is his actual relationship status? Is he married or single? Does he have kids in real? Also, he had a great body transformation recently by weight loss. Stay updated with us on his weight loss journey.

Eric Allan Kramer single as ever, not married, no wife or kids; claims the internet is crazy

Eric Allan is claimed to be married to some actress named James Bonci by the internet. It also kept claiming that he is a single dad after divorce and that they have a kid named Manny. But when Eric got the whiff of all these rumors about his married life going on, he thought of clarifying it.

We certainly detect a sense of humor and a clear denial of being married, being a single dad or Having a kid named Manny. He confronted these rumors about being married and having a kid with a tweet to the famous celebrity site named “Famous Birthdays”.

So we now know that he has no wife or a kid but does he have a girlfriend? There still are other popular sites which claim that he has three kids other than Manny. But since he claims otherwise, we know who to believe. We seriously doubt it because for a man so upfront, he would have posted about her already by now.

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We think that he is currently busy with his career and professional life. Also, all that weight loss and body maintenance aren’t going to do itself, it certainly requires a lot of attention. He must busy with all these aspects of his life to have a girlfriend or get married.

Erin Allan Kramer weight loss journey; from cuddly to muscle-ly?

Erin Allan has achieved one of those peaks at body maintenance which requires a lot of patience. He was previously working in the TV show called “Good Luck Charlie” where he had to appear as a mid-aged dad with a protruding belly.  But now he has gone all macho and buff which we believe is his many hours spent on the gym and diet control. His weight loss journey accounts of fat loss and muscle gain which makes him look very young.

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He has inspired many of his fans by this incredible weight loss. He keeps tweeting puns about things not to say in the gym which indicates that he takes his gym time very seriously.

He has inspired many of his fans by this incredible weight loss. He keeps tweeting puns about things not to say in the gym which indicates that he takes his gym time very seriously.

We are glad that he is trying his best to remain healthy. This is phenomenal and inspiring to us all.

Erin Allan Kramer’s Bio; Career and Net Worth

Eric Allan Kramer’s bio indicates that birth date was on 26th March 1962. American Canadian actor Eric Allan Kramer was born in England to a CFL player father Roger Kramer. His first debut role as an actor was in The TV show called The Gunfighters. 

He has worked and appeared in many Tv shows like  True Romance, Robin Hood: Men in Tights,  The HughleysGood Luck CharlieQuest for the Mighty Sword, The Incredible Hulk Returns, The Comrades of Summer, Two and a Half Men, My Name Is Earl and many other countless shows.

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His career is very strong when it comes to acting which has earned him a lot of net worth. His $2 million of net worth certainly is justified by the numerous movie projects that he is a part of.