Eminem’ ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott‘s married life, divorce, re-married life with Eminem and the final divorce with him are more than a movie story.

When her age is about 43, Kimberly Anne Scott had a second-time divorce with her husband Eminem aka Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Eminem’ ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott married her husband Eminem two times and had a divorce with him two times.

Are they permanently separate now? You must be wondering why they married twice if they were to separate and divorce permanently.

The on again and off again married and divorce life of the couple is perhaps something dating partners and couple intending to settle to a married life would like to know about.

Wouldn’t you find it readable why the couple is once married and next have a divorce? You will find this article informational also on Eminem ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott aka Kim Mathers’s wiki bio, children, net worth and details about what Kimberly Anne Scott is doing now.

Kimberly Anne Scott AKA Kim Mathers as Eminem’ Wife

Kimberly Anne Scott’s married Eminem two times. The future relationship of this estranged couple is unpredictable because their past relationship was full of chaos.

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Kimberly Anne Scott with her ex-husband Eminem back when they were a couple.

Their strange love and dating history brought them closer and together twice, with their married and divorce life in an on again and off again mode.

Kimberly Anne Scott was more known as ‘Eminem wife than for her acting profession. Whenever it is to talk and write about her, she is more remembered and discussed as Eminem’ wife.

She took Eminem’s surname Mathers after her name and became Kim Mathers. But, what made this couple divorce, again and again, start a married life? What are the keys to their union and separation and again reunion and divorce?

Perhaps the history of their married life, relationships, and their emotional attachment with children can better shed light on the on and off married life and divorce of Eminem’ wife, Kimberly.

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem’ Dating History

Kimberly Anne Scott and the then Marshall Bruce Mathers III (now Eminem) had first met in 1988 in a party of their mutual friend. Knowing that the beautiful classmate was homeless, Eminem brought her to his home and convinced his mother to keep her at theirs. When the mother didn’t agree later, they left Eminem’s home to live in a rented apartment. Eminem left school in the 9th grade and started working.

Former wife and husband, Kim and Eminem
Former wife and husband, Kim and Eminem.

Thus the Mathers couple started living together since then. Although they lived together and continued dating, their relationship was covered with hardship with no guardians in their support. Kimberly Anne Scott lived like an orphan while Eminem’s mother never supported their living together.

Their tolerance level had to go through tests even harder this time when Kimberly got pregnant in 1995 and gave birth to their baby Hailie on the Christmas day that year (1995). After the baby girl’s birth, Eminem’s life got even harder as he had to work overtime with a low pay of $5.5 an hour. Hailie’s birth led to a kind of married life which remained until their first divorce.

Eminem Ex-wife’s Relationship with Her Husband

Kimberly married Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) in 1999 and after four years the first child, Hailie Jade was born in 1995. The baby was born without any concrete plan.

The birth of the baby created such circumstances that they decided to marry. However, their relationships didn’t go as they assumed. Eminem wanted to continue with his music career, but, he already had a baby and a nursing mother as his wife.

Kimberly Anne Scott
Kimberly Anne Scott and ex-husband Eminem daughter Hailie.

Perhaps due to his unfulfilled desire for career building, the couple frequently remained in a stressful married life with the immense pressure of supporting the family. But, the frequent union and separation also had effects on their relationship. Kimberly Anne Scott’s turbulent childhood, Eminem’s mother’s rudeness must have made them be more practical and settle their disputes.

Kim Mathers Divorce with Eminem and Parenting Their Children

Given Their Troubled Childhood and Unexpected Marriage, their married life couldn’t continue. Eminem started humiliating his wife Kim Mathers publicly even through his songs. Eminem’s rap number 97 Bonnie and Clyde played a story on screen murdering Kim which surprisingly became Eminem’s fans favorite.

Kim got psychologically insane, attempted suicide, and irritated Eminem by kissing his acquaintance John Guerra. Finally, Eminem appealed for divorce, and the couple eventually separated in 2001.

Kim Mathers dated another man and gave birth to his daughter before she again married Eminem in 2006 which lasted only for 41 days this time, and they finally separated.

Kim Mathers Was One of the Abandoned Children: Parents’ Troubled Married Life and Meeting Eminem

Kimberly Anne Scott’s troubled family situation must have somehow affected the way she has her attitude on anything, on her married life or husband also. It was her family situation which took her to Eminem when she was quite small. Born on January 9, 1975, Kimberly Anne Scott lived with her twin sister and mother in Michigan, USA.

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Kimberly Anne Scott Eminem’s ex-wife, in Macomb County Court for probation on drug charges, posted on 2017.

Kimberly Anne Scott’ biological father was unknown. Her mother took to another husband, and this stepfather allegedly abused them. Unable to bear the maltreatment, the 13-year-old Kimberly Anne Scott ran away with her twin sister. They took shelter in a youth home in 1998. Later from there, Eminem’s mother Debbie Nelson had them and kept them with her.

This troubled history and lack of a father’s love must have a lasting psychological effect on Kimberly Anne Scott’s Electra complex which she soon reconciled in a male boyfriend, Eminem.

Eminem used to be together with Kimberly Anne Scott almost all the time, at home, on the way to school, at school, and in several family occasions. They couldn’t resist one another’s love and the on and off again love affair started.

Eminem’ Ex-Wife Kim Mathers’ Children

Kimberly Anne Scott has given birth to two children: one from Eminem and one from Eric Harter. They have taken care of Kim’s twin sister’s daughter also. They both look after these three children. Her kids are Hailie Jade, Whitney Scott Mathers, Alaina Marie Mathers, and Parker Scott.

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Eminem Ex-Wife Kim Mathers’ Wiki Bio and Net Worth

Born Kimberly Anne Scott, Kim Mathers was born on January 9, 1975, in Michigan, USA. She married and divorced twice with the American singer Eminem. After her second divorce with Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem) in 2006, there no reports of the couple dating each other.

Former husband and wife, Eminem and Kimberly young age photo
Former husband and wife, Eminem and Kimberly young age photo

Kim now does the job of an illustrator and author. Given her turbulent childhood, early marriage, childbearing and rearing, drug life, separation, and split, she has not been able to accumulate much wealth personally.

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The exact figure of Kimberly Anne Scott’ net worth will be soon updated after it is made available.