Some people often get media attention not because of their own life or career but because of their family background. One such name is Whitney Scott Mathers who became popular after famous American rapper Eminem adopted her.

Let’s get along with the life of Whitney Scott Mathers; we will let you know about her dating life, boyfriend, family, parents, wiki-bio, career, and her net worth.

Whitney Scott Mathers Family Background

Whitney Scott Mathers’ non-biological father, Eminem was married twice to Kimberly Anne “Kim” Scott. Eminem started a relationship with Kim in 1989. The couple together welcomed a daughter on December 25, 1995, and named her ‘Hailie.’

Eminem and Kimberly got married in 1999, and after two years of married life in 2001, they divorced. After five years of splitting, Eminem and Kim again briefly remarried in January 2006, and in April they again divorced each other.


Whitney Scott Mathers is a biological daughter of Eminem’s ex-wife, Kim’s brief relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Eric Hatter. Whitney was born on 16 April 2002. Later, after getting married to Kim, Eminem adopted her in 2006 legally and treated equally as his biological daughter, Hailie.

Whitney-Scott-Mathers father, family, mother, bio, siblings, parents
Eminem and his daughters: Whitney Scott Mathers and Hailie.

Mathers never met her biological father as he ran away after being involved in many criminal activities. Along with Hailie, she has another sister too; her name is Amanda Scott who is also known as Alaina.

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Alaina is a daughter of Kim’s twin sister. Eminem and Kim adopted her. Likewise, Eminem often mentions his daughter in his songs, which shows how much he loves his daughters.

Whitney Scott Mathers Dating Affairs and Boyfriend

15-years-old, Whitney Scott Mathers is too young to have a boyfriend. Eminem’s daughter has no affairs till the date. She has yet to experience a dating relationship with her boyfriend-to-be. In this young age, she is concerned about her education rather than love life.

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Mathers is single at the moment. Of course, when the time will come, Whitney will have a boyfriend and enjoy dating him eventually. But for now, she is living her life being single without any dating affairs.

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Whitney Scott Mathers career

Whitney Scott Mathers is still young enough to pursue her career. At the moment she is continuing her education in school, and she is excellent in her academics.

Besides, Whitney will undoubtedly start her career after her schooling life. She might follow her non-biological father’s footstep or pursue a dream of her own.

Whitney Scott Mathers Wiki-Bio and Her Net worth

Whitney Scott Mathers, Eminem’s daughter, was born on April 16, 2002, St. Joseph, Missouri from her biological mother Kimberly and her partner Eric Hartter. Eminem adopted Whitney as her daughter in 2006. Whitney Scott Mathers belongs to American nationality and white ethnicity. As of 2018, Whitney’s age is 16 years old. As she is in the growing phase of her life, her height has not been revealed yet.

Whitney Scott Mathers wiki, bo, age, birthday, height, parents, net worth
Whitney Scott Mathers.

 Whitney Scott Mathers Net worth

Scott Mathers net worth is unknown till the date. At the age of 16, she focuses on her education rather than working. She has not involved in any sorts of work, that means she has not earned yet. However, her father Eminem is a world-class American rapper, producer, and actor who has a net worth of $190 million. So we can say, Whitney Scott Mathers enjoys her lavish life with her father and sister together.

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As Whitney Scott Mathers is too young, she is not active on a social media site including, Instagram and Twitter. But she uses to share her pictures via snap chat.

Whitney Scott Mathers Body Measurement

Height = 5 feet 3 inches

Age = 16