Azerbaijan and Russian fans are accustomed to tuning into Emin Agalarov’s pop songs either they are lazing around the home or pumped up to the work tables. His English, as well as Russian composition, have resided its placement in international musical charts.

Moreover, the appearance of US President Donald Trump is additionally making Emin Agalarov wiki, most sought singer and song-writer in Azerbaijan and Russia.

Fasten your curiosity as we ride into Emin Agalarov’s wife, house, net worth, age, wiki, height, ethnicity, and family.

Emin Agalarov wife is a former model

He has hitched to the lady love twice. As his family belonged to the elite category, Emin Agalarov married the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, Leyla Aliyev in 2006.

The pair had a marital bliss with three kids, twin sons, Ali and Mikail and a daughter Amina. Furthermore, the spouse was on the verge of celebrating a decade of their wedding anniversary.

Nevertheless, the marriage didn’t work between them. So, Emin and Leyla divorced in 2015. A year later, Emin Agalarov found his hope of nuptial agreement rose again with former model and businesswomen Alyona Gavrilova. After two years of dating, Alyona Gavrilova began her life as the wife of Emin Agalarov in June 2018.

Inside look into Emin Agalarov house

The singer constitutes an affluent background. Hence, he owns a house, which features a built-in aquarium, gym, sauna, king-sized bedrooms, three-car garage, and the wine cellar.

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When Emin Agalarov house binged for market positioning, it speculated the net worth of $2.9 million. Also, his father’s Alpine house marked the record of $7 million on the whim of seven master size bedrooms.

How much is Emin Agalarov Net Worth?

Apart from hitting the musical numbers, Emin Agalarov is the Executive Vice President of Crocus Group. He is in charge of vivid ventures like Crocus City Mall, City Hall, a restaurant chain, fashion retail and so on.

Similarly, he entered the glamour world in 2006 via debut studio album ‘Still.’ Ever since the album elevated the copies in the music industry, Emin Agalarov prominence also graced his passion of music making throughout the decade.

Well, his career led to hefty net worth. So, how much is Emin Agalarov net worth as of 2018? Emin Agalarov net worth is whopping around $1.6 billion.

Emin Agalarov Wiki-Bio: Age, Family, and Education!

Born on December 12, 1979, Emin Agalarov age is 39 years old. He belongs to wealthy billionaire father, Aras Agalarov, CEO of Crocus Group.

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Emin Agalarov family is popular for having a solid bond with US President, Donald Trump. His father hails from the Muslim roots and his mother from the Jewish ancestry. But he regards himself as Muslim.

He has been to different nations since an early age. Emin Agalarov family moved to Moscow, while he was four years old. At 13, he did schooling from Switzerland. Two years later, he commuted to New Jersey and attended Tenafly High School. Again, he enrolled at the Marymount Manhattan College in New York.