Elyse Knowles is famous for her work with internationally renowned luxury brands. Elyse is a model who became the face of the color cosmetics brand ulta3.

On January 2017, Elyse shared a photo with Josh Barker and gave a clue that she is dating with him. Elyse gave a hint of her wedding with boyfriend after hiring a celebrity wedding photographer. So, is the couple engaged already or is it just the talk of the town, get the details below.

Instagram Model officially engaged with her boyfriend

International model Elyse surprised the new contestant on The Block with her boyfriend, Barker. What was the story behind her engagement news with her boyfriend? Is it the official story or it is just a rumor is the question that her 620k Instagram followers want to know.

Meanwhile, sources said that Elyse hired a celebrity wedding photographer for her secret engagement document when Elyse was on her camping trip with boyfriend Josh Barker. But Elyse didn’t show her wedding ring.

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The picture from Byron Bay shows the model Elyse and her boyfriend showing romantic feeling on their engagement photo shoot, and Elyse shared the photo on her Instagram.

Elyse also shared a photo where she is kissing her boyfriend, Josh.

Image result for elyse knowles kissing boyfriend
Elyse kissing her boyfriend Josh on their vacation.

Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Such a picture clarifies that Elyse is a deep relationship with her boyfriend. The Australian model officially announced her relationship with Barker in her Instagram account.

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Elyse is not on Twitter, but her fans create Twitter and running the account, where the fans posted Elyse photo. We can find the various unofficial Twitter account of Elyse.

Elyse Knowles Secret to Maintain a fit body!

To maintain her body, Elyse workout every day. In an interview model Elyse, reveal that she works every day for her body. Elyse is so strict about what she eats and drink. Elyse always tried to think positive. On her statement she talking about her workout and diet she said;

‘I work on my body every day. I am constantly working out, watching what I eat and drink, and making sure my brain is healthy too,’ she said, adding that she always tried to think positively.

she further added;

‘My weekly exercise is always different, depending on where I am with work so it’s a bit hard to give you an exact outline. I do gym classes, Pilates, and boxing. I mix it up depending on what tickles my fancy.’


Elyse thinks the model should work on their body, until the model’s body is healthy and fit they were popular. Therefore, Elyse is so conscious of her body. Elyse joined gym classes, Pilates and boxing and her weekly exercise are different depending upon location and with whom Elyse is working with.

Short Bio about Elyse Knowles:

Elyse was born on September 30, 1992, in Australia. Now she is an age of a 24 and has already achieved much success in her modeling career. With the perfect height of 5ft 9inch, Elyse look looks gorgeous during the photo shoot.

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Elyse began her fashion label, called Every day in December 2014. At the age of 10, Elyse started her modeling career. Elyse’s mother signed her up in a children’s agency. Because of Elyse’s wiki page, Elyse got the chance and joined George Clooney in being an official brand ambassador for Rolex Luxury Watches.