Ellen Heidingsfelder is an accomplished American lawyer. She has garnered recognition for her expertise in the legal field. However, it is her role as the wife of Cooper Manning that often eclipses her legal prowess in public perception. Demonstrating unwavering support, Heidingsfelder has been a crucial pillar in her husband’s journey to success.

Delving into her personal life unveils intriguing details about her marriage, family, and financial standing. Let’s explore the facets of her life beyond the courtroom, shedding light on her relationships, parenthood, and net worth.

Ellen’s Early Life & Background

Ellen Heidingsfelder was born on December 20, 1968, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Heidingsfelder was born as the first child of Charles and Dota Heidingsfelder. She was raised in a household rooted in the Catholic faith. Ellen’s early years were characterized by a supportive and nurturing family environment.

Her parents, Charles and Dota, provided the foundation for her upbringing, fostering an atmosphere that encouraged growth and exploration. The household was further enriched by the presence of Ellen’s two sisters, Molly Silvia Heidingsfelder and Jane Heidingsfelder. Growing up in the midst of cheerful siblings, Ellen experienced the bonds of familial connection, shaping her understanding of companionship and shared experiences.

Ellen Heidingsfelder’s Educational Achievements

Ellen Heidingsfelder, a seasoned lawyer, pursued her legal education at esteemed institutions. Her academic journey led her to the University of Virginia and Loyola University’s Law School, where she dedicated herself to the study of law with the goal of becoming an attorney.

It seems likely that Heidingsfelder harbored aspirations of a legal career from a young age. It is plausible that as Cooper Manning’s wife, she envisioned herself in the role of a lawyer even in her childhood. The fruition of her educational pursuits is evident in her current standing as one of the preeminent lawyers specializing in insurance defense and product liability cases. Ellen Heidingsfelder’s journey from education to professional success underscores her commitment to excellence in the legal field.

Ellen’s Meeting & Marriage with Cooper Manning

Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper Manning first met in the late 1990s, introduced by a friend. Back then, Cooper was a former football player and TV analyst, figuring out his career in media. Ellen, on the other hand, was a lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana, making progress in her legal profession. Their friendship turned into something more, and they started dating.

Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper Manning has been married for over two decade.

Their connection was swift, and the sparks of romance ignited as they started dating. In 1999, the couple took their relationship to the next level, exchanging vows and officially becoming life partners. Over the course of 22 years, their marriage has blossomed. The couple have welcomed three children into their family: May, Arch, and Heid Cooper.

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Proud Mother of Three Grown Children

More than two decades into a joyous marital journey, Ellen Heidingsfelder takes pride in being the mother of three children. The accomplished lawyer and her husband celebrated the arrival of their firstborn, May Manning, in 2002.

Ellen Heidingsfelder son, Arch Manning is a professional American Football Player.
Image Source: Instagram

In the Manning household, sports prowess runs in the family, as evidenced by Ellen’s son, Arch Manning, who has ventured into a professional football career. Born in 2004, Arch, along with his younger brother Heid Manning, born in 2006, showcases a passion for sports that mirrors their father’s interests.

The Manning siblings, known for their competitive spirit, are actively involved in different sports. May Manning, the eldest daughter, has embraced volleyball as her chosen pursuit. Following in her mother’s footsteps, May continued her education at the University of Virginia after completing high school at Sacred Heart.

Ellen Heidingsfelder’s daughter, May Manning is a Volleyball Player.
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Meanwhile, Arch Manning has taken up football, specifically as a quarterback. Having been part of Isidore Newman’s football team, the same school attended by his father and uncle, Arch now dons the jersey for the Texas Longhorn team.

Completing the trio, Heid Manning is the youngest of the siblings, shares a love for football, often engaging in spirited matches with his older brother, Arch. Inspired by his brother and uncles, Heid aspires to make a mark as a national football player in the future. The Manning family’s diverse sports interests and aspirations add layers to their dynamic and closely-knit bond.

Ellen’s Earnings, Net Worth & Lifestyle

Ellen Heidingsfelder, with an estimated net worth of $1 million, has forged a successful career as an attorney, showcasing her legal prowess and dedication. As a member of the Louisiana State Bar, she has built a reputation as a veteran lawyer, earning an average income of $98,465. Her financial standing reflects not only her expertise in the legal field but also her commitment to a rich and accomplished professional life.

On the other hand, Cooper Manning enjoys a substantial net worth of $13 million, attesting to his achievements as a former American football player and TV analyst. His multifaceted career has allowed him to amass considerable wealth, with his financial success extending beyond the realm of sports into the media world. Cooper’s journey showcases the lucrative opportunities and financial rewards that come with a prominent presence in the public eye.

Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Ellen Heidingsfelder stands tall with a height of 5 feet 6 inches, equivalent to 167 centimeters. In comparison, her husband, Cooper Manning, surpasses her height significantly, measuring 6 feet 4 inches.

Ellen maintains a balanced & attractive physique. She has maintained her weight around 60 kg . Her physical appearance is characterized by blonde hair and brown eyes, contributing to her distinctive and individualistic look. These details provide a glimpse into Ellen Heidingsfelder’s stature and features, capturing aspects of her appearance.

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