When someone get hitched with love, say boyfriend or girlfriend; that moment might be the best in lifetime. Today, we have someone from Fox News Network, who married her boyfriend. We are talking about Elizabeth Prann, who married one popular Baseball player in the year 2010. So, who is she married to? Who is Elizabeth Prann’s spouse? Stay with us to know more.

Who is Elizabeth Prann Husband?

The gorgeous news reporter of FOX network married Darren O’Day. The duo tied knot on 10th November of the year 2010 in Georgia.  They met for the first time when both were attending college. Both started liking each other since their college life. After enjoying love life from long, the duo finally hitched in 2010.

Elizabeth Prann and Darren O'Day in Wedding
Elizabeth Prann and Darren O’Day in Wedding

Married eleven years before, there is no news of the duo to split. Till date, there has been no issues in their married life, and both are clean when it comes to extra marital affairs. As both love each other, both share bond and cooperation. Both are in, on social affairs and are seen together in different social works. Here is one picture we found of them in Instagram account:


It is proved that when your spouse have same interest, the relation grows stronger and the couple will be happy forever.

The Couple is Blessed With Baby Daughter!

Fox journalist Elizabeth and Baseball player Darren are blessed with a baby daughter. The duo welcomed a baby girl in their world back in 2014. The baby girl was named by both as Claire O’Day.

Elizabeth Prann, Her Husband Darren O'Day and Daughter Claire O'Day
Elizabeth Prann, Her Husband Darren O’Day and Daughter Claire O’Day

As for now, the child is already seven years of age, and has now started speaking. She even wished her father Darren on the Father’s Day last year. Although she couldn’t say it clearly, she achieved this milestone with the help of her mother Elizabeth. Here, you can watch this short clip and get amazed:

For now, Elizabeth is handling two works at a time. She is handling her professional works as well as her personal works i.e. parenting. We can say parenting is work as it is the most difficult thing when you become parent for the first time. She also mentioned in her tweet that it is too hard for her to cope up with problems, while parenting.

The pair share strong bond, so both are cooperative in their career as well. But, their main focus for now is parenting than in their career. As both love to do works together, we found no issues between them for now. Both are living happily and we would wish them to continue their blissful life till the end.