The American actress and writer/editor, Elizabeth Ann Hanks is popular as the daughter of Tom Hanks. She made her presence known through popular movies like Forrest Gump and That Thing You Do! 

The multi-talented lady, Elizabeth Ann Hanks accumulated huge fame and fortune through her career as an actress and editor. Read all about her income as well as her net worth down below in this article.

What is the Net Worth of Elizabeth Ann Hanks?

With Hollywood legend Tom Hanks as her father, Elizabeth Ann Hanks holds an estimated net worth of $5 million. In contrast, her father Tom owns a net worth of $350 million. The actress earns her money through her acting and editing career.

Elizabeth Ann Hanks Posing for a photo while eating ice
Elizabeth Ann Hanks Posing for a photo while eating ice,
Source: Instagram

Moving on to her revenues, the average salary of an actor in Hollywood is $250k per movies and the more well-known actor/actress earn more than $50 millions for a movie. Besides, a writer typically receives $100k per their scripts but a hot writer can score up to $1 million and more.  Moreover, the annual paycheck of an editor is $95k.

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Thanks to the money she controls, she lives in comfort and luxury with her husband. Likewise, with the amount of cash she possesses, Elizabeth must live in a lavish house and drive an expensive car.

How is Elizabeth Ann Hanks’ Life Going?

The personal life of the beautiful Elizabeth Ann Hanks remains a hot topic for all of her fans. Although she remains rather active on her social media, she never once shared any pictures of any of her boyfriends. In fact, all of her past affairs remain shrouded in mystery. The actress likes to keep her private life away from the eyes of the public.

Elizabeth Ann Hanks Posing for a photo
Elizabeth Hanks Posing for a photo,
Source: Instagram

As reported, Elizabeth is a married woman. However, the identity of her husband stays a mystery for now. The loving duo tied the knot somewhere in the mid-2000s. But all of their ceremony information remain hidden for now.

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The couple is said to be married for more than ten years, but, the couple is yet to be parents. But she might still be single, we can never really tell until she makes her relationship status public.

Quick Facts of Elizabeth Ann Hanks

How old is Elizabeth Ann Hanks?

36 Years old

What are the names of Elizabeth Ann Hanks’s parents?

Mother: Samantha Lewes Father: Tom Hanks Step-Mother: Rita Wilson

What are the names of Elizabeth Ann Hanks’s siblings?

Brothers: Chet Hanks, Truman Theodore Hanks, and Colin Hanks

What is Elizabeth Ann Hanks’s nationality?


What is Elizabeth Ann Hanks’s ethnicity?


Which college did Elizabeth Ann Hanks graduate from?

The University of St. Andrews

Does Elizabeth Ann Hanks have tattoos?

Yes, on her right wrist

What is Elizabeth Ann Hanks’s hair color?


Which color are Elizabeth Ann Hanks’s eyes?