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While working as a fashion model in New York, Giftos was selected by the Clairol company as Miss Ultra Smooth in 1964
Elaine Giftos was married to husband Herbert Wright from 1973 to 2005 util his death. Source: Elaine Giftos Wright
Born NameElaine Giftos
Birth PlacePittsfield, Massachusetts, USA
Height5 feet 9 inches
Eye ColorBlue
HusbandHerbert Wright
Net Worth$273,902 
Weight50 kg
Age74 years
ParentsMr. and Mrs. Charles P. Giftos

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Many new actors have emerged in Hollywood every day but it is also still the home of many past stars. Among such veteran actresses is Elaine Giftos who is popular for acting since 1969 -present.

Elaine Giftos became a household name in the Hollywood industry for work in the countless movies and series. We may have seen her on countless movies but how about the personal life of the veteran actress? Let’s know more about her.

Who is Elaine Giftos?

Famous as a model, Elaine Giftos was selected by Clairol company as Miss Ultra Smooth in 1964, in which role she traveled around the U.S. promoting the company’s sooting lotion.

Elaine Giftos is an Amarican model dancer and actress.
Giftos was married to writer/producer Herbert Wright until his death in 2005. Source: Three’s Company Wiki

Elaine Giftos is a retired American model, actress, and dancer born on January 24, 1945, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, US. Born as the daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Giftos, Elaine attended Pittsfield High School.

Elaine Giftos’s Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Elaine Giftos has an estimated net worth of $273,902 as of 2019. She is able to collect such an amount of money from her career as modeling, actress, and dancer.

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The Massachusetts born actress and model has acting credits of more than fifty. Some of her credits in her films include The Student Nurses (1970), Angle (1984), The Trouble with Dick (1987), The Wrestler (1974), and The GLS-S-S(1970) to name few of her work.

YouTube: Elaine Giftos featured Tv series The Interm.

Most recently, she starred as the US Attorney Anette Hodge in the 2001 Tv series Family Law alongside actor Kathleen Quinlan, Christoper McDonald, Merrilee McCommas. In fact, she was already a big star after her appearance in the series like The Interns (1970-1971), Ally McBeal, Dragnet, War of Words and many more.

What is the Relationship Status of Elaine Giftos?

Regarding Elaine Giftos’ current relationship, she is a single widow of her late husband Herbert Wright who was a producer. The duo was married in 1973 and lived happily until his death in 2005. However, the couple does not share any children.

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After her youthful career in the New York City Ballet under the guidance of the famed dance-master George Balanchine, Elaine starred on Broadway, before moving to Hollywood to act in movies and on Tv series. The Interm actress is also a consulting services provider who works under the name The Wright Way of Feng Shui since 1989.

Elaine Giftos’ Body Measurements

The stunning beauty, Elaine Giftos stands at the average women’s height of 5 feet 9 inch and weighs around 50 kg. Similarly, her blue eyes and dark-brown hair suits her quite well.

Quick Facts on Elaine Giftos

When and where was Elaine Giftos born?

January 24, 19945, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, U.S.

What is the nationality of Elaine Giftos?


Which is the ethnicity of Elaine Giftos?


What is the birth sign of Elaine Giftos?


Who are Elaine Giftos’ parents?

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Giftos

Which institute did Elaine Giftos attend for education?

Pittsfield High School

How old is Elaine Giftos?

74 years

How tall is Elaine Giftos?

5 feet 9 inches

How much does Elaine Giftos weigh?

50 kg

Which is the color of the eyes of Elaine Giftos?


What is Elaine Giftos’s hair color?

Dark brown