We wrecked our addicted eyes watching this sweet, geeky girl from the ABC comedy series called The Middle, turn into this beautiful woman, Eden Sher.

The Middle had great cast members among whom Eden Sher was adorable in the show. Her acting skills have always been on point. But what do you say about her love life? Has she met someone yet or is she waiting to found? Also, her career is definitely reaching its highest peaks at the moment. Get to know all her professional and private life secrets here!

Eden Sher Single as a Pringle; Career-Minded and Has a Special Friendship with Charlie McDormett but Not Dating

Eden Sher seems to be single and career-focused as of now. We say this because, until today, she has never been spotted with any other man and appeared to be dating. She is a true definition of beauty with brains and it looks like this beauty with brains is saving her heart for someone special.

Sher has also been a director for many short films and hopes to be more of other roles behind the camera. Even though she doesn’t talk about her real-life boyfriend, she has talked about her reel life, her boyfriend from the ABC comedy series The Middle. She was asked if her character Sue would get a boyfriend or not. She replied,

“Sue gets an older boyfriend. He’s kind of a dope. He’s one of Axl’s friends that you’ve seen around.”

She is also very close to her co-star Charlie McDormett who plays the role of her older brother in The Middle. In fact, they would pass for being real-life siblings.

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Caption: Eden sharing a goofy picture of Charlie McDormett through her Instagram posts

Many speculated them to be dating because of their closeness and special bond. But Charlie McDormett isn’t her boyfriend and has no chance of being either because he is already married to another woman. What they have is pure friendship and humorous banters.

It looks like there are many things on Eden’s “To-achieve” list which is very pleasant to know. She is a GOAL-digger and intends to keep her profile that way for now.

Eden Sher’s Unique Tattoo; Curiosity Behind the Meaning of The Tattoo

Eden Sher has a gorgeous body. She loves experimenting with ink on it but not as much as other celebrities who have their bodies covered with tattoos. Eden prefers her tattoos simple and meaningful. This must be the reason why she has a tattoo of “√ 2” on her back.

Everyone is curious behind the meaning of her tattoo. However, she remains silent about it which makes us think that her tattoo is way too meaningful than we suspect it to be.

Eden Sher tattoo on her back
Eden Sher tattoo on her back. 

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She does look classy with her tattoo in the picture above. Maybe she will be ready to open up about her tattoo and tell us its meaning.

Insight on Eden Sher’s Professional Life; Bio-Facts, Salary, and Net Worth

Eden Sher has a middle name which is Rebecca. So one of her bio-facts is that her full name is Eden Rebecca Sher. Having her birth date of 26th December 1991, she was born in Los Angeles, USA. Her enthusiasm in acting started from an early age. She has been a part of many TV shows like  The Middle, Weeds, Sons & Daughters, The O.C., etc. 

She has also appeared in short films and even wrote and directed one herself. Her short film is called The Suitcase. She is currently busy with the promotion of her self-written book called The Emotionary. Her involvement in many fields of media line has certainly bulked her net worth. Her net worth currently stands at $2 million and is increasing as per her noble works.