Echo Kellum is an American Comedian-actor best known for his role as Curtis Holt; a portrayal of Mr. Terrific, in the drama series ‘Arrow’ and as Tommy in ‘Ben and Kate.’ He is a new face in Hollywood but has a booming career with lots of acting skills and talent. Echo Kellum portrays the role of Curtis Holt in Arrow who is gay and happily married to a husband. But what about his real life? Is he a gay and married to a husband or a wife with children? Or is Echo Kellum dating a girlfriend? Let’s know the facts along with his career and net worth in Echo Kellum wiki-bio:

Who Is Echo Kellum? Know Echo Kellum Wiki Details; Age, Birthday, Parents & Height!

Echo Kellum is an American Comedian-actor who portrays the role of Curtis Holt in “Arrow.” Born in the year 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, Echo Kellum’s birthday is on 29th of August. With the last birthday celebration, Echo Kellum’s age is 35. Echo Kellum parents raised him in his birthplace, i.e., Chicago, Illinois. His parents are from a middle-class family with an American-African descent. Echo Kellum’s ethnicity is African-American and is of American nationality. He has no revealed much about his parent’s details.

Another factor to add personality and prominence on screen is Echo Kellum’s height. According to the Wiki, Echo Kellum’s height is 6 feet 4 inches. In meters, Echo Kellum’s height is 1.94 m.

Is Actor Echo Kellum Dating? Who is Echo Kellum Girlfriend?

As an actor, Echo Kellum has portrayed the role of a gay, husband, father, boyfriend, and son in various movies and TV shows. But has he played such a role in his real life? Before July 2017, Echo rarely talked about his personal life and revealed his dating affair. People were always gushing on the question “Is Echo Kellum dating?” “Who is Echo Kellum girlfriend?”

But now we have the answer to these questions. Echo Kellum is dating a girlfriend at present. He posted a picture of his girlfriend on Instagram in July 2017 for the first time.

Best memory from this summer. In NY. ❤️

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Caption: Echo Kellum girlfriend: Echo Kellum is dating a girlfriend at present.

Who is Echo Kellum girlfriend? Did you recognize her? Well, Echo Kellum girlfriend is Lyndsi LaRose who is an actress known for Insurgent, Ant-Man, and Sleight. They have posted each other’s pictures on Instagram since July but has not revealed when they started dating. Echo Kellum has shared some of his memorable times he spent with his girlfriend, Lyndsi Larose on Instagram.

Caption: Echo Kellum kissing his girlfriend, Lyndsi LaRose.

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Caption: Echo Kellum’s memorable times with his girlfriend. Lyndsi LaRose.

Lyndsi LaRose feels proud to be Echo Kellum girlfriend. She has mentioned in a tweet about her boyfriend, Echo Kellum as “Mr. Terrific” in her Twitter account:

Caption: Lyndsi LaRose feels proud to be Echo Kellum’s girlfriend.

Echo Kellum and Lyndsi LaRose make a great couple together. We hope they will take their relationship to the next level very soon!

Echo Kellum Married; Know Details on Echo Kellum Children!

As Echo Kellum’s age is 35, many people speculate that he is a married man. So, has Echo Kellum married someone already?

Well, it looks like actor Echo Kellum has already married as he is a dad to his children according to his Twitter account. However, Kellum has not mentioned anything about his married life with a wife. So, Echo Kellum wife and Echo Kellum married life is a real mystery as of now. But he does have children and is a father to them. According to his Twitter account, Echo Kellum has two children; a son and a daughter.

Caption: Echo Kellum children: Echo Kellum has a son and a daughter.

Echo Kellum children is also a mystery as his wife. He has not revealed the name of his children yet and has not posted any pictures of them. He must be hiding his children from the media. However, the main question which lies behind is “Who is the mother of Echo Kellum children?”

Is the mother of Echo Kellum’s children, his wife or his girlfriend? No one knows the fact except Kellum himself, his children, and his relatives. As Echo Kellum is dating a girlfriend, it suggests that Echo Kellum had a divorce with his wife if he was married in the past. However, Echo Kellum divorce with his wife is a mere assumption only as he has not disclosed any information about his married life, wife, and divorce.

So, stay tuned with us, we will update you on Echo Kellum married life later with concrete proof.

Echo Kellum Career; Movies & TV shows!

After the graduation from The Groundlings, Echo Kellum moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue his dream of acting. He joined I.O West to have more practical training in acting. Kellum had his first significant role in the FOX comedy Ben and Kate in 2012. He then appeared as Hunter in Sean Saves The World which aired from 2013 to 2014.


Caption: Actor Echo Kellum portrays the role of Mr. Terrific as Curtis Holt in the TV series “Arrow.”

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Echo Kellum did a recurring role of Curtis Holt in TV series “Arrow” in 2015. He portrays the role of a married gay in the series. Since 2016, Kellum has been promoted to series regular. He has also appeared in the drama/comedy film Girlfriend’s Day in 2017. Apart from these, Echo Kellum has appeared in several movies and TV shows which include Rick and Morty, Drunk History, Legends of Tomorrow, Key and Peele, and much more. Echo Kellum career has a long road ahead to achieve great success. He has got talent and skills and thus a booming career in the coming days.

Echo Kellum Net worth

As an actor, Echo Kellum has proved himself worthy of a Hollywood industry. He is one of the talented actors and has a booming career ahead. Echo Kellum’s net worth is as surprising as his career. However, he has not revealed his net worth to the media yet. As of 2017, Echo Kellum net worth is under review. So, stay updated to know Echo Kellum’s net worth in the coming days! We will update you on Echo Kellum net worth once his net worth is reviewed.