Meet Ebony Reigns: ‘Artist of the Year’ In Reggae n Dancehall; Dating Or Married Already? Exclusive Details Along With Her Career And Net Worth In Wiki-Like Short Bio!

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The scanty dressing of Ghana-based dancehall artist, Ebony Reigns, has always been a subject of national debate. Her dressing style has attracted views of both industry members and the public. Despite her sense of style, Ebony is popular for her hit songs ‘Kupe’ and ‘Poison.’ Within two years of musical career, Ebony Reigns has garnered a lot of supporters and has recently been honored with “Artist of the Year” at the 2017 edition of the BASS Awards. But is there someone in Ebony’s life to share her accomplishment? Is Ebony Reigns dating a boyfriend? Or better, has Ebony Reigns married someone already? Let’s dig into the facts along with her career and wiki details:

Who is Ebony Reigns? Details on Ebony Reigns career!

Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, Ebony Reigns is a Dancehall/Afrobeats artist. She is one of the greatest female artists in Ghana, West Africa, who can easily rock shoulders with A-List artists.

With a dream to pursue a music career, Ebony dropped out her high school in 2015. The same year Ebony sent a recording of her voice to a renowned musician and entrepreneur Bullet of “Ruff n Smooth” group. Just a day after Ebony’s voice captivated Bullet, he called Ebony and signed her to his Rufftown record label.

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In December 2015, Ebony Reigns marked the start of her musical career by debuting her first single “Dance Floor” with an audio and video release. Her first single led her to the nomination for the unsung category at the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. She then released a household anthem in Ghana, “Kupe” in March 2016, which became a major hit.

Ebony Reigns released her another hit “Poison” in January 2017 with sultry new visuals, which has crossed over 1.7 million views. She was then signed by Midas Touch Inc. as well. “Midas Touch Inc.” and  “Ruff n Smooth” independently launched reigns’ 4th official project ‘Sponsor’ in May 2017. The song has now crossed over 2.7 million views on YouTube and became the greatest hit. Ebony then came up with “Date Ur Fada” which became another hit but raised her in many controversies. With only a few singles, Ebony Reigns has become one of the greatest Dancehall artists of Ghana which is a great success to Ebony Reign’s musical career.

Ebony Reigns Controversies and Critics

With Ebony Reign’s sense of style and her bold lyrics, she has always been in controversies. She has an image of a sexually confident young woman and a very bold girl. “A disgrace to feminity” that’s how a relationship counselor, George Lutterodt criticized Ebony. He said:

Ebony is a disgrace to femininity and I am doubting if her father is still married to her mother. Music is about the voice so why do you go nude, become naked, go to a beach and you can see that, what you’re doing, if you are normal and have common sense, you won’t do it… Look, the laws are weak

Ebony has also been criticized by the so-called Eagle Prophet, Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi. According to him, the addition of n*dity in the act will destroy Ebony Reigns career. While speaking to Hot Fm in Accra, the prophet said:

The way I see the lady from afar, I can tell you that she has God given talent…You could see that with the way she puts words together and sings. God has given her that gift.

He further continued:

In this world, God has given every human being his/her own talent but the way you decide to project that talent will direct where and how you will end up. So I will tell her to stop the n*dity show or else she will end her career

However, Ebony Reign’s father, Nana Poku-Kwarteng has slammed down all the critics about his daughter’s sense of fashion. He said that he is supportive of her daughter’s fashion and pointed out that he is not a hypocrite like others who keep criticizing her daughter. During an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Nana Poku-Kwarteng disclosed:

I am supportive of anything my daughter does and anything she wears. I am not ashamed as a father, the truth is that, I choose what she wears and I bless her before she goes out to perform. Some Ghanaians are hypocrites and I am sorry but I am not one of them

Is Ebony Reigns Dating Or Married Already?

Talking about Ebony Reigns married life, she is an unmarried woman. Yes, you heard it right! She is an unmarried woman and has not bonded with husband and children yet. Ebony Reigns age is just 20, a month before to 21. So, she is not matured enough for getting married to a husband and live the rest of the married life with husband and children to take care of. Ebony has not been pregnant with any of her boyfriend’s child as well. So, as of now, Ebony Reigns married life, Ebony Reigns husband, Ebony Reigns pregnant, and Ebony Reigns children are all future talks.

Do you know who will be Ebony Reigns husband? Let us know:

Ebony Reigns has not married yet, does that mean she is dating a boyfriend? She has remained silent most of the time when it comes to talking about her dating affair and boyfriend. Ebony is not active on social media; she has no any official Instagram and Twitter account. Hence, Ebony Reigns dating affair has always remained in the shadow.

Ebony Reigns dating
Caption: Ebony Reigns is dating a boyfriend.

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But it seems like Ebony is off the market and has already been taken. Yes, she has a boyfriend and has been dating him secretly. In February 2017, Ebony hinted about her dating affair in an interview on Pulse TV. While being a left-handed, good cook, and a poet, Ebony revealed that she loves having sex with her partner. She said:

I love to cook and very transparent, I am left handed, I love to write poetry and with that, i think many people know and I love sex but with one particular person

Ebony explained that she has already experienced sex but loves having sex with her boyfriend. So, who is Ebony Reigns boyfriend? Unfortunately, she didn’t mention the name of her boyfriend nor revealed further about her dating affair. So, whoever is Ebony Reigns boyfriend, it looks like she is threatening him with a word of caution, saying, if you ever try to break my heart, I will date your father and make you, my son, so you would call me mom, through her song “Date Ur Fada.”

But we hope, Ebony Reigns boyfriend will always keep her happy!

Ebony Reigns Wiki-Bio; Age, Birthday, Parents, Height, & Net worth!

Born in the year 1997, Ebony Reigns birthday is on 16th of February. Her real name is Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng. At present, Ebony Reigns age is 20. With the upcoming birthday celebration in February 2018, Ebony Reigns age will be 21.

Ebony Reigns was born to parents Mr. and Mrs. Poku Kwarteng. Both her siblings and parents call her by the name ‘Nana.’ Her father hails from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Ebony Reigns parents had divorced each other when she was a child. While talking about her parent’s divorce in an interview with Delay, Ebony said:

I was very young when my parents got divorced. My mom is in the UK. I am closer to my dad because I lived with him more. I don’t know when my mother traveled but I lived with my dad. I grew up seeing my mom but she only comes and goes. I don’t even know the age I was when she traveled to the UK.

Ebony Reigns parents
Caption: Ebony Reigns with her father, Nana Poku-Kwarteng.

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Ebony joined a private school, Seven Great Princess Academy and later joined Methodist Girls High School at Mamfe for Senior High School education. But she dropped the school in 2015 to pursue a music career.

Ebony has not made her height public. But looking at her pictures, she could be above 5 feet 5 inches.

Ebony Reigns Net worth

With the regular hits, Ebony has made a huge fortune. However, Ebony has not disclosed the total value of her net worth. As of earlier 2018, Ebony Reigns net worth is under review. If you have an interest in Ebony Reigns net worth, stay connected with us, we will soon update you on Ebony Reigns net worth!